Super Auto Pet is my new favorite auto battler

If you enjoy carefully building your warrior lineup in games like Darkest Dungeon and Monster Train, here are some amazing recommendations: Play Super auto pet.. The free-to-play auto battler reminds us of far more games than games like Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. These games focus on building and arranging lines where abilities complement each other. And for a very cute and simple sound, it has a fun amount of buildcraft. F2P monetization is also good!

Like other auto battlers, Super Auto Pet is a round-based game where you build teams to fight opponents doing the same and win 10 in a single run without losing all your lives. Aim to achieve. Between rounds, you can shop, buy new units, combine units of the same type to level up, buy buffs, and buy fresh items on store shelves. Then they go away and fight as you see. It ’s an auto battler, right?

We are shopping, we are shopping

In Super Auto Pet, the action goes down with the 1D lineup instead of the normal auto battle board. This leads to a focus on positioning like a monster train. Many abilities of your various animals are directional and affect units in front of and behind them, or in specific positions. It is also important to predict the enemy lineup. One-hit KO poison often wonders where to put the scorpion. Combos and synergies can come from your positioning, as well as from enemy teams. A team that simply increases the unit’s health and number of attacks. A summoner team that grows the army throughout the round. A team built on the basis of shopping. Combos are built with ferocious clockwork ridicule.

As an example, there is one round I fought in the Daft Combo the other day. This seemed to be defeated in most battles.

I will explain. At the beginning of the battle, their mosquito ability deals 2 damage to a random unit, which faints one of my hedgehogs (the game uses this term and never dies). Then their crab’s abilities copy the health of the previous unit, its mosquito. Then it starts to be ridiculous. My whale’s ability begins and swallows the previous unit, the other hedgehog. This is considered to be faint. At this point, the resolution stack handles the abilities of both hedgehogs at the same time. Fainting deals 2 damage to all units. This wipes out their monkeys and triggers my blowfish ability twice: dealing 6 damage to random enemies, depending on the damage taken. The pre-battle trigger ends and the battle begins. My elephant’s ability is to deal 1 damage to the 2 friendly units behind it when attacking. So, after a blow with the elephants, while their plump mosquitoes were still standing, the elephant’s attack caused my blowfish again, which randomly hit the mosquitoes and ended it. Then their crabs hit my whale and release the hedgehog trapped in its belly. When the crab knocks out the hedgehog, two damages rain again, killing the giraffe and the swan. The blowfish is also damaged and spits. The two creatures knock out at the same time, but my blowfish has a honey item that spawns 1/1 bees after fainting. I win the round. It took 20 seconds in total, and the lineup was not optimally arranged.

Plus, it’s asynchronous multiplayer and has no turn timer, so you can play at your own pace. Sometimes the game even synchronizes the progress between the PC version and the Android version, so sometimes I started running on my desk computer and ended it on the phone on the couch.

Super auto pet victory screen.
This team won in three ways. Crush the support backline with an AoE attack from an octopus. Tear the low health of the summoner build from the momentum of Rhino’s follow-up attacks. Or just have a big number on my pet.

Balance is an ongoing task, mind. Certain builds are obviously more powerful (although some will be weakened in the next patch), but I’ve won with all sorts of weirdness and junk. And yeah, sometimes RNG isn’t on your side at the store. I think it’s just part of that genre. But overall, a spectacular old days at amazing prices.

Super Autopet is free to play on Windows and Linux Via Steam, And in the browser Via When For Android.. Developer, Team Wood Games Said An iOS version will also be available.

If you wish, you can pay a couple quid for expansion with new animals. The game is certainly good without add-ons, minds, and I still often still play the base version. Also, the expanded players only play against each other, so you don’t get an advantage. You can pay some of the battle background, but you can also get them. it’s good.

It’s also a great demonstration of building a game using asset packs. Many animals and icons are emojis and assets in the free library, they work and the game looks cute. good.

Thanks to you YouTuber When streamer Northern lion who discovered SAP. Juice me, you are a piece.

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