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The Autopolis race was interrupted for the first time in four years due to bad weather, heavy rain and fog, and after 13 of the 42 laps were completed, the event was finally canceled.

After that, the 2018 run was not unconditional and was completely canceled, and bad weather required the 2019 race qualifying to shift to Sunday morning.

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Yamamoto called for more effort to mitigate the tendency for large amounts of water to collect on the surface of trucks in Oita Prefecture after qualifying, which was shortened behind the usual 40-minute session due to heavy rain. ..

“Even if the amount of water increases even a little, you will not be able to drive immediately,” says Yamamoto. “This is the feature of this course. If the rainfall exceeds 1mm, you will not be able to drive. If you cannot drive with 2mm or 3mm of rainfall, it is bad for the show.

“There are some things that need to be improved, but there is a problem with the track itself. Straight is fine, but the steep slopes make it easy to form a” river “.

“As soon as you hit the” river “, you slip off the truck. If there is no “river”, you can drive with more rainfall.

“When I talked to the course staff, I was trying to improve the drainage channel, but it was not enough because the slope was steep, and a” river “was formed. It’s useless and they have to do something about it. “

Kazuya Oshima, ROOKIE Racing

Photo: Masahide Kamio

Impulsive driver Ryo Hirakawa agreed with Yamamoto’s feelings and pointed out how another Japanese truck, Sugo, worked to improve drainage following a similar problem.

He also said that as COVID-19 influenced the schedule, it is necessary to consider moving the race away from the traditional May slot, citing the race held last November.

“Sugagawa used to be very bad at draining. When it rained, there were big pools everywhere,” Hirakawa told “But they improved it by digging a lot of small grooves in the truck, and it was ok.

“Two years ago there was a wet race in SUPER GT so it was okay, but it’s always a big problem here. I have to do something to improve it.

“Second, we need to change the schedule. May is the rainy season in Kyushu, so it happens almost every year. We need to change it, no problem. The weather was nice last year. [in November].. “

Championship leader Tomoki Nojiri agreed with Hirakawa’s proposal to change the date.

“I think we should consider holding a race when the weather is likely to be good,” Nojiri told “There are people in Kyushu who can only come to Autopolis, so when this happens, it’s fun to visit the circuit all year round.”

Additional report by Kazuya Minakoshi

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Super Formula driver requires autopolis change Super Formula driver requires autopolis change

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