Super Lawn Survivor Announced for Switch

Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut Arrived at Wii U in 2014.. Superflat Games is pleased to announce a new version of the psychological survival adventure known as Super Lone Survivor on Switch.

Super Lawn Survivor is a remake of the original game with a new “ascending” scenario. Superflat games say they have been “rewritten from scratch with the latest engines.” Currently, little is known about the new scenario, but we have confirmed that the Switch version is already running at 60 frames per second. Difficulty mode may also be included.

Here’s an overview of Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut and a trailer for the new Super Lone Survivor edition.

An updated and remastered version of the blockbuster psychological survival adventure created by a single man and played by hundreds of thousands of people!

The masked hero needs to escape from the sick and devastated city by whatever means he needs. Hungry and exhausted, he began to wonder how much of what he was seeing was real.

The way you survive is up to you. Sneak through without firing a single shot or kill everything in the path. Eat well and sleep well, or rely on medicine to continue. Find a survivor or try to escape the city alone. Take care of your mental health or go crazy …

Lone Survivor is a rare combination of survival horror, stealth mechanics, adventure games, virtual pets, physical and psychological survival simulations, and truly interactive stories. The story is shaped according to the player’s actions, but the player is encouraged to role play and forget about how the game works. This is a game where your choice is really important.

Main functions

– Two completely different paths in the game, many variations
– A brave and adult story that wants to be found in warmth, humor, and darkness
– An invisible psychologist monitors every movement of you
– Unique visual style that combines classic and modern techniques
– Play 4-6 hours per pass
– Over 125 beautiful hand-painted places
– Hundreds of items to experiment with or create, and many optional hidden side quests
– Approximately 35 original songs by British chart producer Jasper Byrne

In addition, the features of Director’s Cut Edition are:

– Enhanced lighting engine with lens flares, additional lights and new film-like effects
– Several new areas and one new enemy type
– 3 new sidquests with about 20 new items
– Two all-new endings
– New dialogue for all characters
– New music, sleep, game overscreen
– End of “collection” and “ritual”
– Many small fixes, Easter eggs, improvements
– 100% free DLC!

Super Lawn Survivor will be launched for Switch in 2021.

Super Lone Survivor announced for Switch

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