Super Lawn Survivor Remasters Anxious Classics Next Year

Do you remember Lone Survivor? It’s hard to believe that Jasperburn’s tragic side-scrolling adventure game is almost 10 years old at this point, but it’s an equally horrifying march of time.Developers and composers today Announcing Super Loan SurvivorA remake of the 2011 game with a new engine and a new chapter later next year.

It’s a pity that I never actually played Lone Survivor. I listened to that first trailer song many times nearly 10 years ago. Fortunately, I think Nat in 2020 may be ready for some miserable and thoughtful horror mysteries.

In a blog post, Burn explains that the game has been completely rewritten with a new engine, opening the door to new features such as shadows, parallax scrolling, and improved effects. With the introduction of the original Lone Survivor a bit, the remake will support all the high resolution, high refresh rates and 64-bit machines people are using these days, in addition to supporting ultra-smooth scrolling and 4k effects. This is useful for most of the game, but it performs best in the new scenario Ascending. For now, Burn keeps quiet about what else to expect from new content.

“I still don’t know how long the ascending order will be,” Burn wrote. “I don’t want it to be spiral, but I still feel the story is relevant. By packaging it with the original game, it’s a complete sequel I didn’t intend. Removes the pressure of creating. “

According to a review by Adam Smith (RPS-in-peace) Lone Survivor, Burn’s original was a wonderfully moody horror show with a stunning soundtrack. It’s not the jump scare horror festival itself, but the depths of my heart after playing.

“This is a game made by someone who appreciates that the best way to dive under someone’s skin is not only to peel it off when you hit it with a knife, but also to make you think about it. How it covers our skulls and helps us express ourselves, and how it wrinkles and ages. “

Super Lawn Survivor will be available on PC and Switch in 2021.

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Super Lone Survivor will remaster an unsettling classic next year

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