Super Mario 64 is now playable in ray tracing

There are as many possibilities that ray tracing needs to improve the look of current and future games, but the real fun is to see the flashy lighting techniques applied to older games. Quake 2 and Minecraft have acquired some of the most impressive ray tracing implementations we’ve ever seen. Now it’s time to use the classic Super Mario 64 other than the PC.

The unofficial PC port on the Super Mario 64 has already been split into several new projects with new features, and the Super Mario 64 RT is still in the early stages of development, but as the name implies. .. A technical preview is now available on GitHub. The developers still warn me that there are some notable bugs and performance issues, but if you compile it yourself, you can give it a try.

The SM64RT is fully path traced and introduces custom level lighting to take advantage of that fact. You get late-traced global illumination, shadows, and reflections. The latter turns into a metal Mario and is especially impressive to see the entire level reflected in the hero’s body.

Digital Foundry people have access to custom builds of SM64RT integrated with Render96 for better models and textures. You can see the double pain of SuperGrafx in the video below. (If you don’t want to deal with games, video is probably the best bet Huge Performance requirements. )

Super Mario 64 Plus has given us another impressive glimpse of what the community can do with the native PC version of the classic platformer. We hope that brave developers will continue to show us the wonderful future of Mario 64.

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