Super Mario Bros. 3 Cartridge for $ 156,000

This is a nice looking copy of Super Mario Bros. 3.

It’s a nice looking copy Super Mario Bros. 3 Right there.
Photo: Heritage auction

Unusual copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES is the new king of video game auctions, selling for an astonishing $ 156,000 last Friday.

Much of its price is wrapped in a near-perfect quality rating for the sealed game, but this copy is Super Mario Bros. 3 It also comes from the early production runs that saw the “broth”. With the logo placed on the left instead of the right, this is clearly a pretty big problem.

“A copy of this game and” Bros “. Formatted items on the left side of the front of the box (on Mario’s gloves) are rarely found sealed, and many collectors have been on the lookout for years, but often dry out. ” The list of Heritage Auctions says:.. “The appearance of a sealed copy will bring a higher premium compared to the later” Brothers on the Right “.This version is quite rare, so version [sic].. “

The highest priced “Light Brothers”.Go through a heritage auction Sold for just $ 21,600 To see how a small tweak of the logo can make a difference in September of this year.

Original sealed copy in July Super mario bros. For NES Break the record when winning $ 114,000 For that seller. Super Mario Bros. 3 We currently hold the record for the most expensive video game ever, until the deal is completed.

I can’t think of a single video game that’s worth the money, but still I’m not the founder of

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