Super Mario Lenticular Magnet Set is the latest My Nintendo Europe reward

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What time is it to live? Following the rather dramatic story of Splatoon Keyring and the ongoing difficulty that people are struggling to get the Mario 35th Anniversary Pin, it’s the game of My Nintendo to lose-if they don’t What we don’t have to do is keep giving us what we really want. Yoshi’s feet or something phone wallpaper.

These new lenticular magnets (fancy names for moving pictures) include Mario / Cat Mario, Luigi / Cat Luigi, Peach / Cat Peach, Hikigaeru / Cat Hikigaeru, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowers Box Art. From Fury / Cat Boxert … No, it’s a joke.

If you want to turn your fridge into a bunch of photos of people dressed like this, go to the My Nintendo Europe site (make sure you’re signed in) and have 350 Platinum Points in stock. You can get these in the meantime. Cat.

In North America, the new perks include 700 Platinum Points Reversible Bravely Default II poster and wallpaper for your PC or phone. Sorry, it’s not as cool as American-lenticular magnets and is much more expensive. Then again you got the pin, so in the end everything is fair … right?

Gloria on one side, Halcyonia on the other
Gloria on one side, Halcyonia on the other (Image: Nintendo)

Do you grab a magnet or poster, or do you save your points for something better?

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