Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to Switch on December 23rd

Team meet The long-awaited sequel to the 2010 runaway platform hit Super Meat Boy has finally been revealed! Yes, Super Meat Boy Forever will be available on December 23rd at the Nintendo Switch eShop, along with the PC version of the Epic Games Store. The price is $ 19.99, but there is a 10% booking discount. To $ 17.99. It’s a holiday miracle! PlayStation and Xbox versions will continue in about a month.

This long-awaited sequel advances the story of Meetboy, as Meetboy and his partner Bandage Girl unfortunately had a child nugget kidnapped by Dr. Fetus, an ominous psychopath of stillbirth. I hate guys!). So now it’s up to Meetboy, Bandage Girl, and some amazing new characters in the Meetboy Cinematic Universe to save the kidnapped kid.

To commemorate the introduction of Super Meetboy Forever on Nintendo Switch, PowerA has produced a limited production of officially licensed extended wireless controllers for Nintendo Switch with Meetboy. It can be pre-ordered today on or on on December 16th. For $ 49.99 / £ 39.99 / € 49.99.

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Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to Switch on December 23rd

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