Super Meat Boy Forever slides to PC this month

Super Meat Boy Forever slides to PC this month | MonsterVine

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At the Video Game Awards tonight, Team Meet announces the long-awaited release date Super Meat Boy Forever.. It will be released on the Epic Games Store on December 23rd. Super Meat Boy Forever It costs $ 19.99 or $ 17.99 as part of the 10% off pre-order bonus. The platformer chases the meatboy again, and he and the bandage girl try to save the child nugget from the vulgar fetal doctor. Levels are randomly generated in a unique way that makes every playthrough truly unique.

TeamMeat co-founder and programmer Tommy Refenes commented on the news:

“”Super Meat Boy was a huge success that changed my life forever, and people have been looking for a sequel for years. But I didn’t just want to offer more of the same and call it a day. Meatboy was worth more. I wanted to rebuild Meetboy from scratch. It’s a way to provide a whole new experience that hits the same kinetic and addictive notes as its predecessor. I know it took forever to make Super Meat Boy Forever, but I’m sure it was worth the wait.

See the trailer above for more information.

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Super Meat Boy Forever Slides Onto PC This Month

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