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Modus Games is an open beta version of Override 2: Super Mecha League on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 from November 19th to 22nd, with all aspiring pilots featuring timeless play jumping into action. Welcome.

Override 2: The Super Mech League’s full mecha brawl experience begins December 22nd, but today we’ll talk about the mechas and modes currently available in the open beta. We will also share some competitive tips and tricks for advanced gameplay to help you reach the arena running on the launch date.

What you play

In the open beta, you can test your pilot skills using eight of the 20 mecha rosters in a full 20 mecha game. These mechas include Mya, Vintage, Setesh, Watchbot, Sprinkles, Aura, Pescado and Vidar. Each mecha has its own set of gearbusting abilities and ultimate attack, so it’s a good idea to try them all to see which one suits your combat style best!

The beta also includes four of the eight arenas throughout the game, including lava, desert, atlantis, and stadiums. The first three arenas include distinct environmental features and dangers, such as platform movements and explosive lava geysers to consider when confronting enemies. The stadium is a non-hazardous, more competitive arena where you can maximize your mechanical skills.

When you’re ready to put your pedals on the metal ring, Override 2 offers a variety of game modes that can be attended by up to four players locally or online. At Versus, you can invite your friends to fight one-on-one, two-on-two team matches, or four-player free fights. You can also test the benefits in online matchmaking mode. This mode includes a brand new King of the Hill match type called Control, as well as a random cue of the same vs. match type. At startup, you will be able to play all these game modes and more with additional customizable features.

Pilot 101

It’s a good idea to start with the basics before you reach the mecha mastery level. The open beta features a simple tutorial that covers the basic controls and standardized features of all mechas. For fans from Override 1, we hope you’re excited to see faster maneuverability and combat improvements, including attacks.

Each mecha is equipped with light punch (LP), light kick (LK), heavy punch (HP), and heavy kick (HK) attacks. You can use any of the two attacks at the same time to generate one of four unique abilities that are unique to each mecha. Players can also jump, double jump troughs, and block, all of which add some depth to the overall combat experience.

Advanced tricks and tips

In Override 2, we wanted to emphasize the rich combo system and inspire player experimentation. You can enjoy the basics, but having advanced combo and setup knowledge will take you a long way in the Super Mech League. Some attacks can be chained or partially interrupted by the next attack input to continue the attack. Try this combo string on Watchbot and get an edge over your friends: LP> LK> HP> HP> HK.

You can perform attacks specific to a specific mecha. For example, when grabbing with Pescado, you can follow up by typing a light or heavy punch and pulling out a tornado spin or suplex!

Override 2: Super Mecha League is an exhilarating contest between skyscraper-sized mechas with bigger personalities and devastating weapons. We look forward to new pilots joining the launch and experiencing a whole new career mode, a fresh multiplayer game mode, and a hiding place for earnable cosmetic rewards.

Download the open beta now on the PlayStation Store, digitally book on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, and get immediate access to Override 1 and exclusive Override 2 cosmetics when you launch the game.

Override 2: Super Mech League open beta begins today on PS5 and PS4

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