Super Nintendo World Theme Park will finally open in Japan on March 18th

Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo will finally be open to the public next week after Super Nintendo World Theme Park has declared a state of emergency in response to Global COVID, forcing it to postpone its originally planned February opening. Announced that it will be done. -19 Pandemic.

As you can imagine, the press release reassures us that strict hygiene management will be carried out for the opening, such as “guidance from health administration and medical personnel based on domestic and international situations.” Visitors are always required to wear a mask and the number of people allowed at one time is limited.

Alas, it probably won’t immediately welcome foreign visitors until the global situation allows it, but according to Orlando Sentinel (discovered by ) for Orlando Park in Florida. The US version, which is currently Penciller, is about two behind and will not open until 2025.

The Super Nintendo World Theme Park was opened to the media prior to the postponement in February, and Shigeru Miyamoto himself, who visited the park in December, was open to the public. You can see it here. The park will open in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on March 18th.

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