Super Smash Bros. Drama Cancels Nintendo Splatoon Tournament

A Splatoon 2 The tournament was scheduled to end on the weekend in early December, but everything collapsed at the last minute as participants wanted to show solidarity with another competitive game.

At the North American Open, where more than 291 teams competed for a chance to win a $ 200 worth of trophies, the group was able to register under a banner that seemed appropriate. As a result, the four top teams, FTWin, Enlightenment, Bocut Nation and Southern Lights, all signed up under a slightly different Monica. These teams became the events FTWavedash, Slippi, Melee Nation, and Melee Lights, respectively.

Why do all Smash Bros. refer to in a completely unrelated competition? Well, it was an act of solidarity.Recently there was a fire after Nintendo shut down Super Smash Bros. DX A tournament that wanted to use open source software called Slippi. This allows you to use online multiplayer with the 2001 GameCube titles. The organizer chose Slippi mainly for COVID-19. This was a health hazard to face-to-face competition. Therefore, Nintendo’s decision to issue a cease and desist faced criticism as fans were simply trying to find a healthy way to play the old games they loved.The community felt that the actions taken against the tournament were terrible if the developers themselves ignored it. Melee attack Beyond the party fighter’s new iteration.

Initially, Splatoon 2 The tournament started well and brackets were deployed to decide who would be in the finals on December 6th. However, at least according to the screenshots of the announcement, the live stream introducing the top candidates was reported to have been canceled due to an “unexpected execution challenge” that occurred in the Discord group attached to the minutes. Polygon asked Nintendo for an explanation, but didn’t get a reply.

There is a belief among fans that the finals were not actually broadcast as all the teams involved mentioned recent things. Melee attack Controversy in some way.Whatever the reason for the cancellation, all top fighters dropped out and threw them instead Own In connection with tournaments, squid houses, canceled big houses Melee attack Event.

Since then, the grassroots contest has seen a surge in donations from fans who want to increase their prize more than $ 25,000llars grew up, And the event organizer had to set a cap on the diversion of additional funding to charity.What’s even wilder is that, in short order, this last-minute event has provided the largest western part. Splatoon 2 Prize pool So far It’s even better than what Nintendo has officially provided in the past. Viewers’ records were also reportedly broken as fans of Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon gathered to show their support.

The organizer, End Game TV, said that the teams that ranked 5th to 8th in the Nintendo tournament seemed to be invited to the top four after dropping out, but at another show of solidarity, these teams also declined to participate. Tells Polygon. Nobody wanted to cross the proverbial picket fence.

“Splatoon wouldn’t be the place it is today without the support and support of the smash community,” the organizer said on Twitter. “We loved both games and felt the impact of blocking event opportunities and hindering community development. #FreeMelee #SaveSmash.. It’s for all of us. “

Eventually, FTWavedash brought back $ 25,000 and an additional $ 3,000 was donated to the charity. “When the community gets together and faces the unexpected challenges of life, we can get rid of the legendary shit.” The organizer said on Twitter.

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