Super Smash Bros., Splatoon and other fan communities clash with Nintendo

Last weekend, several fan communities voiced criticism of Nintendo’s approach to canceling the event and issuing a cease and desist order. The cancellation of the official Splatoon tournament live stream, and the block of sales of Joy-Con design focused on informal charity, has become the latest flash point in an increasingly difficult relationship with the company’s fan section. I will. To understand the reaction this weekend, go back to last month when Nintendo provided a cease and desist for the Smash Bros. Melee “Big House” tournament, one of the biggest events on the Super Smash Bros. competition scene calendar.With a cease and desist centered around allowing tournaments to play games online using the unofficial Slippimod, BigHouse Cancel the event completely..

In a statement to Polygon, Nintendo said the tournament “must use an illegally copied version of the game in combination with a mod called” Slippi “during an online event. Therefore, Nintendo contacted the tournament organizer and asked for a stop. They refused. Nintendo has no choice but to intervene to protect its intellectual property and brand. Nintendo cannot tolerate or allow piracy of its intellectual property. “

What did you think

The wider smash brothers community had problems with this decision, especially as the Big House had to cancel the face-to-face event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making online solutions the only safe way to carry out the event. It was. Since that decision, the #freemelee hashtag has been widely used on Twitter and other social media services to protest Nintendo’s decision.

Cut this weekend, and Splatoon 2

Opened in North America. The official event was scheduled to be live streamed, but the broadcast was canceled the day before the broadcast ended.About the tournament formula The administrator, Discord Server, explained that this decision was due to an “unexpected execution challenge.”

However, rumors quickly spread about the fact that multiple teams in the tournament were entered with names that directly referred to #freemelee, which could have caused Nintendo to stop broadcasting. Nintendo hasn’t issued an official statement yet-IGN has contacted the company for comment.

Rumors quickly gained momentum, with both #freemelee and #freesplatoon beginning to prevail on Twitter, flooded with a wave of memes targeting Nintendo’s recognized anti-consumer practices.

That negative sentiment revealed another of Nintendo’s recent cease and desists.Custom controller designer CptnAlex We created a Joy-Con shell to commemorate the popular YouTuber Etika who died of suicide last year (the proceeds will be donated to the JED Foundation, a suicide prevention charity).But the designer Cease and desist in SeptemberApparently his fault Use of the trademark term “JoyCon” as part of the design.. The story is currently being covered on Reddit and Twitter, causing further criticism of Nintendo’s fan creation and approach to the event.

In another unfortunate twist of Nintendo, The Squid House, a fan-run Splatoon 2 tournament It was then organized and donated to the prize pool. As the organizer End Game TV points out, these donations led to a $ 25,000 pool, with an additional $ 3,000 donated to charity. lThe highest ever award given to formal or informal Splatoon tournaments..

This weekend is the latest in a very long conversation between Nintendo and its fan community built around its games and products. Super Smash Bros. has been a particularly long-standing issue, with tournaments, mod use, and the standoff nature of Nintendo’s fighting gaming community all causing criticism.

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