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Supercar star Shane van Gisbergen provided a spectacular drive from the pit lane to win the 66th run of the New Zealand Grand Prix at Hampton Downs.

After winning races 1 and 2, Vanguisbergen’s hope for a complete sweep in the opening round of the Toyota Racing Series was when his car’s fire extinguisher went out while he was still in the pits. I was hit hard.

The 2016 Supercar Champion was forced to start in the pit lane as the M2 competition team was unable to install a replacement unit before the cutoff time.

However, when the 28-lap contest began, Van Gisbergen quickly caught up with the field as Daniel Gornt overtook pole-sitter Caleb Gatoa on Turn 2.

Shortly after Chris van der Drift tried to overtake Gantt to take the lead, Van Gisbergen climbed to 11th place when a safety car was deployed to retrieve the damaged car of Peter Bodanovich.

When the race resumed after the SC intervention, Wangisbergen quickly moved and overtook a large number of cars into the front group.

With 14 laps remaining, the 31-year-old moved up to 3rd place. This is second only to Gantt and his supercar companion Andreheim Gartner, who took the podium after a quick start from 8th place on the grid.

Wangisbergen first cleared Heimgartner with a dipper and then began chasing Gantt. Gantt had done enough to maintain the lead up to this point.

However, multiple TRS champions were unable to keep up with Vangisbergen’s pace in the end, and drivers in the M2 competition rushed into the hairpin on lap 10 and moved to the lead of the race.

Bangisbergen slowly began to open his gap as he stepped forward and eventually won the entire kiwi race in just over two seconds.

Heimgartner passed Gant shortly after Wangisbergen finished second, and Matthew Pain took the podium in third.

TRS rookie and pole-sitter Gatoa couldn’t catch up with the leader as the race progressed, eventually losing the lead for nearly nine seconds and receiving the checkered flag in fourth place.

Van der Drift recovered from an unplanned pit stop, changing the front wing to a top five result and passing Damon Reach and Brendon Reach later in the race.

Gantt, a long-time race leader, had to finally settle in eighth place ahead of Billy Fraser and veteran racing driver Greg Murphy.

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Supercar Ace van Gisbergen wins New Zealand GP from pit lane | Other News Supercar Ace van Gisbergen wins New Zealand GP from pit lane | Other News

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