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The opening season for supercars is ready to go as planned as Victoria breaks out of snap lockdown.

Victoria broke into a blockade late last week to contain the COVID-19 outbreak associated with hotel quarantine.

Six teams based in Melbourne The Winton test has been postponed this Friday due to a five-day shutdown. He questioned whether the Mount Panorama 500, which started the season, would go as planned later this month.

But after a few nervous days, the outbreak appears to have been contained and Victoria is scheduled to open at midnight tonight.

This means that we can proceed with the Winton test on Friday, and if things don’t change, the Melbourne team will be able to cross the New South Wales border on Mount Panorama 500 on February 26-28.

The Victoria Green Light is also welcome news for the second round of the 2021 supercar season, which is currently scheduled for March 20-21 in Melbourne’s Sundown.

It will also open the door to the second round of the TCR / S5000 season on Phillip Island, opening a new date from March 12th to 14th.

The event was originally scheduled for this weekend, but has been postponed due to a blockade.

S5000 joins supercar support bill

The S5000 has added a supercar round at Sundown next month to its 2021 schedule.

The Open Wheeler series effectively does what the supercar did by replacing the gap left on the calendar by the Australian Grand Prix with the same sundown from March 20th to 21st.

Indicates that the S5000 has participated in the supercar support bill for the first time. This category is typically consistent with the sister series TCR Australia in the Motorsport Australia Championship Bill.

This move means that the S5000 will face a doubleheader in March and the Phillip Island Motorsport Australia Championship Round will be scheduled for March 12-14.

It will also complete the S5000’s rapid 2021 schedule ahead of the transition to the biennial summer season later this year.

“After being disappointed with the loss of the first date on Phillip Island, this is a great result for the S5000 and a double pain for this category,” said Chris Lambden, S5000 Category Development Manager.

“Phillip Island and the subsequent Sundown ensure an incredible two-week race on Australia’s two most historic circuits, and both where the S5000 shines.

“It should be a great show at both events. Thanks to the Australian racing group team and supercars for putting it together.”

“Everyone has worked very hard to fully complete the four-round calendar and awards, despite the postponement or cancellation of other events. [the Australian Drivers’ Championship] In May of this year “

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Supercar Bathurst Opener Advances When Victoria’s Blockade Is Unblocked | Supercar News Supercar Bathurst Opener Advances When Victoria’s Blockade Is Unblocked | Supercar News

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