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As first revealed by, Triple Eight, Dick Johnson Racing, Matt Stone Race All Escaped from Sunshine last week This is due to a pair of COVID clusters.

A slight surge in incidents led to a surge in the three-day blockade in Brisbane, and many other states closed their borders with Queensland’s capital or the state itself.

Among them was Tasmania, which struck the tough borders of the affected municipalities, making Brisbane-based T8 unable to enter the state for the next weekend’s Simmons Plains Round.

There was also the risk that the spread of the virus would spread to the Gold Coast and directly affect DJR and MSR.

As a result, all three teams moved to New South Wales, Symmons event has been postponed for a week Create a two-week buffer to avoid border annoyance.

However, Brisbane’s cluster appears to have been censored since then, and Queensland has not reported a locally acquired incident for three days.

As a result, Tasmania has reduced border control to specific facilities, allowing Queensland teams to return home while preparing for a trip to Tasmania.

The return is welcome for the three teams that were on the road until the outbreak spread in mid-May.

It’s also an important victory for series leader Shane van Gisbergen. Shane van Gisbergen can continue his high pressure treatment. Fractures of the clavicle and ribs There’s an additional week of recovery before tackling the bumpy Launceston circuit.

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Like all Australian sports, Supercars has been working on strict and almost inconsistent internal border control for the past year because the country has a good grasp of the virus.

The Victoria-based team spent more than 100 days on the street last season. Melbourne fought its deadly outbreak..

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Supercar border dash ends early Supercar border dash ends early

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