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The new rubber made a slightly overwhelming debut in the Hidden Valley over the weekend, providing a lap record pace, but not deteriorating.

Tires Expected to drop dramatically around 60 kilometersHowever, in the 110km sprint race, it proved to be durable enough for the driver to easily stop the two tires.

Two factors are believed to contribute primarily to the lack of deterioration. One is the road surface, which is famous for being tire-friendly, and the other is Darwin’s high winter ambient temperature.

With heat above 30 degrees, the team was able to use the sun to perform low true pressure while warming the tires, keeping live pressure above the minimum 17psi requirement.

As a result, Winton’s minimum pressure will almost certainly rise, sometimes exceeding the 19psi that was flagged for the event.

“”[The tyre] It didn’t work as well as I expected based on testing, but it’s a very different surface here than QR, “Dunlop supercar boss Kevin Fitz Simmons told

“On the pressure side of things, the heat of 17 psi didn’t really reflect where the tires were running.

“”[A lift in minimum pressure for Winton] Given in cold weather. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be 19, it may be more, it may be less.

“But what we discovered this weekend will ensure that Winton’s pressure regulation will take place.”

Schoenbangisbergen, who won two of the three races in Darwin, agreed that low pressure emphasized thermal degradation rather than wear.

“As drivers, they are great,” he said of Supersoft.

“They provide great grip and are great for driving. But in my theory, I don’t wear them because they have too many grips to slide.

“I don’t have the huge marbles I expected. That’s why it’s mostly hot and the race got worse. When I followed, it got hotter and faster.

“That’s what I’m thinking, but if you go to Townsville or the tire-eating track QR, the race would be really good.

“You may need to increase the tire pressure in this round. You can see that all teams are trying to bleed down with the tires in the sun. The actual pressure is probably 14 or 15. This is probably the problem here .; The tires are so hot that you can bleed a lot from them.

“It was good, but it wasn’t what we intended.”

Despite the lack of degradation, Fitz Simmons said he was happy with Supersoft’s debut, especially after Will Davison dropped his qualifying record to 1: 04.955.

“I’m happy. I think drivers like tires,” he said.

“There was no problem with the tire structure and I liked the grip.

“It took the driver a bit of a headache, but I took six-tenths from the track record set when the car was aerodynamically different in 2019. It’s in the right direction. It’s a step.

“I wish I had fallen a little further off the cliff, but after all, there were battle packs left across the field. There were lots of passes.

“Many people do their homework. When they get there, they know what’s going on in Winton.”

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Supercars fine-tune tires for Winton Supercars fine-tune tires for Winton

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