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Auto parts retailers have reorganized their motorsport spending prior to the 2021 season. Rival Repco loses support for Bathurst 1000 naming rights..

Since then Takes over the title backing of TCR AustraliaThe investment in that supercar has been switched from a full car deal with Tickford Racing to a new multi-year deal with the T8.

The prominence of Red Bull-backed T8 Holden’s super cheap signage will be revealed in this Friday’s coloring announcement.

“We are very pleased to have Supercheap Auto as one of our key partners since 2021. In particular, we have been discussing this partnership with management for over a decade.” .. Roland Dane, the T8 boss.

“All the elements have finally come together. We are very much looking forward to working with brands that have played a huge role in the history of supercars over the last two decades.”

Benjamin Ward, Managing Director of Supercheap Auto, said: “We have a long relationship with the Triple Eight team and are excited to do this with ourselves and our own Toolpro brand.

“Triple Eight is an incredibly successful team and we are honored to partner with them.

“We all aim to support cars, motorsports, and car enthusiasts on and off the track. This partnership with Triple Eight is an exciting and lasting journey for our customers and fans. The Supercheap Auto team is ready – bring your racing calendar! “

The Triple Eight is one of only four teams that brought the unaltered driver lineup to the 2021 supercar season, with seven series champions Jamie Whincup and Bathurst 1000 champion Shane Vanguis Bergen. Both continue the team.

However, there were some important changes, including: Brand change to Red Bull Ampole Racing After GM rejected the Holden brand.

There was also an engineering shakeupSix years later, David Couch moved from a Wincup car to a Vanguisbergen car. Wes McDagal, signed to replace Grant McPherson for Walkinshaw Andretti United, will team up with Wincup.

The new driver / engineering combination will win its first hitout at the Queensland Raceway on February 12th.

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Supercheap joins Triple Eight on multi-year contract Supercheap joins Triple Eight on multi-year contract

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