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“Superficial expression alone is not enough”: A record number of women expected to serve in the Biden Cabinet

Twelve of the 25 cabinet or cabinet-level roles in the Biden administration are occupied by women, assuming they have been identified. This surpasses the second-term record of nine women from former President Bill Clinton serving at the same time. Biden’s cabinet also includes eight colored women.

Biden-one of Harris’s tickets Campaign Trail Promise CAWP Principal Investigator and Scholar Kelly Dittmar was to create a government that fully reflected the diversity of the United States. The fact that the cabinet is more racially and gender-diversified than ever is “some evidence that they have fulfilled their promises,” she said.

“Sure, there are still criticisms that it’s not diverse enough, or there’s still a lack of perspective and experience among these 25 people,” Dittmar told MarketWatch. “But they have come a long way in bringing individuals with a living experience that is different from the many who have held cabinet posts in all history, including the previous administration.”

During the term of former President Donald Trump, six women held cabinet or cabinet-level positions at the same time. According to CAWP tabulation.. Of the 55 women appointed to the presidential cabinet, 32 were appointed by the Democratic president and 23 were appointed by the Republican president.

Vice President Kamala Harris — First woman, first black, and first South Asian American Serve in the office — pledged just before noon on Wednesday.Wednesday Senate Also confirmed Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, the first woman to oversee US intelligence.

Not yet confirmed is Secretary of Commerce and Urban Development Marcia Fudge, Secretary of Commerce and Urban Development, former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy, and Isabel Guzman, a supporter of small businesses, managing small businesses. Deb Haaland, the director of New Mexico, is the Secretary of the Interior, Governor Lord Island Gina Lymond is the Secretary of Commerce, Cecilia Rouse, a labor economist, is the chair of the Economic Advisory Board, and Catherine Thai, a trade lawyer, is the US Trade Representative.

Center for American Progress CEO Niratanden is also awaiting confirmation as Director of the Office of Management and Budget. It has also been confirmed that veteran diplomat Linda Thomas Greenfield is the UN Ambassador and former Federal Reserve Janet Yellen is the Treasury Secretary.

Dittmer sees women and women at the top level of leadership and decision-making as the country disputes stereotypes about “the most suitable and most appropriate person to retain political power.” Said that it was symbolically important.

But at a more substantive level, she added, these women would also bring diverse perspectives and living experiences to the policy-making tables they lead.

“Like any other institution, it changes the conversation. Hopefully it helps avoid the blind spots in policy making and priorities,” she said. “After all, if you have a completely diverse table, the decisions and policy outcomes that result from them should be better, and they should be better for your diverse supporters.”

Some critics argue for better cabinet representation of women and people of color It does not necessarily lead to greater equality..

“No one wants to vote or support women just because they are women. But at any table, the diversity of gender and race perspectives will enrich conversations. We are thinking.

— Kelly Dittmar, Associate Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University

For example, in Teen Vogue’s editorial column, writer Lily Herman Discussion in December For focusing on “superficial expression”. She pointed out Haynes’ previous role in the Obama-era drone strike program and the future work of Homeland Security candidate Alejandro Mallorcus, who heads the sector on “deep-rooted historical issues.”

“Without blacks, indigenous peoples and Latin voters, Biden wouldn’t have taken office. In addition to gaining a majority of voters among women, young people and low- and middle-income voters, it’s very It’s important to ignite the transition team’s foot and hear what those constituencies want from their presidency, “Herman added.

“If the Trump administration’s barely existing attempt at diversity has shown us something, it’s not enough superficial expression if it’s not tied to strong ideals and actions.”

(The Biden transition spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment on these criticisms. Defenders of Haynes said she would “take protective measures on the use of force and increased transparency of the drone program.” Helped. ” New York Times Report.. )

It is important not to confuse ideological and policy positions with gender or race, Dittmer said. To emphasize the importance of expression and identity, she added that she is not saying that identities such as race and gender are the only perspectives an individual brings to the table.

“We know that not all women have the same ideological or policy perspective, and similarly, not all Latino Americans have the same position regarding immigration.” She said. “When we think of expressions from the individual level, we recognize that they result in multiple, overlapping, intersecting identities.”

So, not just race and gender, but educational background and professional background are all part of a puzzle that tells how someone is working on policies and prioritizing issues, Dittmer said. Told. “But the reason we often focus on race and gender is because of the experience of certain historical alienations or certain living races and genders and the elimination of these high-level perspectives. “She said.

“No one wants women to vote or help them because they are women,” Dittmer added. “But at any table, we believe that diversity of gender and race perspectives will enrich conversations.”

“Superficial expression alone is not enough”: A record number of women expected to serve in the Biden Cabinet “Superficial expression alone is not enough”: A record number of women expected to serve in the Biden Cabinet

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