Supernatural Academy Anime Series Summoned by Peacock

Get your magic book and get ready to ride the magic dragon to class. Supernatural Academy The anime series is registered at peacock.. Based on Jamin Eve’s book, Supernatural Academy The anime series comes from 41 Entertainment and makes its debut with Peacock January 20, 2022.. Displayed in 30 minute format, Supernatural Academy There are 16 episodes in the first season.

Around varietyThis show, an exclusive report from, records the adventures of the sisters’ different worlds marked at birth. One twin sister grew up in a confident and popular supernatural world. The other is an eccentric outsider who grew up in the human world. Now they are about to meet again at the Supernatural Academy, and neither of them are excited about it. These hostile twins need to learn to overcome their differences, save themselves, and trust each other to save the world.

Steve Ball will direct the series and Jody Plaus will be the animation director. Gillian Horvath will be the scriptwriter for the series and will be produced by Allen Beaubot’s executives. Finally, John Miket arranged the original theme song.

“It ’s very nice to see. My original story comes true with this high quality animation project. “ Eve said. “I am very grateful to both Peacock and 41 Entertainment for believing in me, and I’m sure all the fans of the book are worried about January 20th in their diary.”

The full voice cast of the show is:

LARISSA DIAS (Supernatural, Falling Skies, When Calls the Heart) is called “Jessa Revlon”. Jessa is a popular wolf shifter in the third year of the Supernatural Academy. She has everything a girl can ask for, including a supporting father and four best friends with unique supernatural skills.

GIGI SAUL GUERRO (Marvel Superhero Adventures, Into the Dark: Culture Shock, Super Monsters, Nina’s World) as “Misha Jackson / Revlon”. Raised by one mother, who tends to move from one place to another, Missha never fits anywhere. A girl with a timid, creative and sweet personality transforms after realizing that her mother has been hiding her true self for 16 years.

Vincent Tong (Ninjago, Ice Age: Adventures of Back Wild, The Dragon Prince) as “Maximus”. Max is a natural leader, as evidenced by his careful attention to his brother Braxton.

CARDI WONG (Are you Afraid of the Dark ?, Supergirl) as “Braxton” Brax is the group’s adorable, goofy and smooth speaker.

Shannon Chan-Kent (you, awakened, Good Trouble, life imprisonment) as “Elda Christoph”. Elda is the daughter of the principal of the Supernatural Academy and considers Jessa to be a major rival to the status of the queen bee.

Bethany Brown as “Terra” (Charmed, The 100). Terra is Jessa’s lifelong best friend. Terra’s unique magical power perfectly completes the group’s supernatural abilities.

Brian Drummond (Mega Man: Full Charge, Children of the Willoughbys) as “Principal Christoph”. From the moment the Lebron twins reunited, Christoph proves himself to be manipulative, villainous, and self-righteous when he plots against the Lebron twins.

Barbara Cotmeier as “Reenda Jackson / Revlon” (supernatural, motivational, falls to Vermont). Reenda is the true definition of a mother. She is a strong woman who sacrifices her psychic powers and life with one of her twin daughters just to protect her family.

Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica, The Magicians, Girlfriend’s Divorce Guide, 100) as “Jonaton Revlon”. As the head of the World Peace Council and the Alpha Wolf of Revlon Pack, Jonaton has not only a civil duty, but also a paternal instinct to save the territory and his daughter.

ALI J EISNER (Fraggle Rock, Giselle’s large backyard) as “Je”. A fairy whose music has the literal charm of soothing a savage beast and creating a new life.

Diana Kaarina as “Soundtrack” (The Hollow, Barbie, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake). As a new history teacher at the Supernatural Academy, Soundtrack is a trusted, intelligent, compassionate and confident guide for students.

Kathleen Barr (Sabrina: The Secret of a Teenage Witch, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Johnny Test) as “Yufon”. Yufon is a strong and strict member of the World Peace Council.

I’m not Peacock’s target demographic Supernatural Academy Anime series, I would be willing to give it a shot. If nothing else, it would talk to my niece. I think this will be just above her alley.

Supernatural Academy Anime Series Summoned by Peacock

https://www.joblo.com/supernatural-academy-animated-series/ Supernatural Academy Anime Series Summoned by Peacock

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