Surge publishers make fun of two Game Awards announcements

Focus Home Interactive has two “major publications”. Hood: Outlaws and Legends Updated by publisher The Game Awards Made fun of..

Publishers are trying to keep those cards close to their chest, but we have an idea of ​​the names of those games, Gematsu investigated.The names of those games are My dubious part And Evil West, Both games are trademarks of the publisher in mid-November

My dubious part It is currently listed in the Microsoft Store for the December 10th game release. As you can imagine, the Game Awards have announced the game “and now available”, and I’m sorry to spoil the surprise.

“”My dubious part With a breathtaking artistic direction and Hannah Murray’s captivating voice, take you on an emotional and dreamy journey ()Game of Thrones, skin) ”, Explained on the game’s Microsoft Store page.

“Overcome emotional struggles through a surreal dream landscape that traverses a moving story full of twists and surprises as a little girl and her shadow. Both to advance a poetic journey. We must learn, collaborate, and evolve. “

Lesser known in gameplay, it may switch between 2D and 3D. Super Mario Odyssey Probably?

Other games are a little more mysterious Shadow Warrior The developer, Flying Wild Hog, teases that they may be developing it. This is consistent with what Shadow Warrior developers have partnered with publishers to develop a new IP in late September, which they call “the most ambitious game ever.”

I think we need to know more about Evil West when The Game Awards come out tomorrow night.


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