Surgeons in general are comparing Covid vaccine development to Xbox play

The first Covid-19 vaccine began to be distributed in the United States today, and during the rollout, surgeon Dr. Jerome Adams went to Fox News to discuss the competition to develop a pandemic treatment. And to do that, he started talking about the Xbox.

“I want to put it on Christmas-think for the people there,” Adams said. Said Fox and Friends host Steve Doucy. “The Xbox is a big new gift for Christmas, and what we did was actually use what’s called platform technology. If you want to get a new Xbox and change the game, you can buy the entire Xbox. Instead of throwing it away and buying a new Xbox, you just get a new game. “

It was just the beginning of a strange metaphor. Adams continued:

What we did with this vaccine was to use a platform that had existed for over a decade. Therefore, it was replaced for safety, effectiveness, and the cartridge to fit Covid-19. That’s why it’s scientifically possible. We will arrive here in record time. These vaccines are safe and I will get them as soon as I am told I can.

Fortunately, unlike real game cartridges, it doesn’t sound like the covid vaccine accidentally erases data or needs to be infused before it can be injected into the body.

This isn’t the first time the federal government has resorted to clumsy game references in an attempt to explain to the public the elements of the ongoing national health crisis. Decades ago and / or in March of this year, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force Response Coordinator, urged young people to take the pandemic more seriously. Speed ​​running game tips are an important resource for innovation. in the future.

Meanwhile, the proportion of newly identified covid cases across the country continues to grow, with new tragic milestones occurring weekly. On December 9, 3,000 deaths from the virus were reported in one day. This is the best since the pandemic started. The next day or so, the United States is set to exceed a total of 300,000 deaths.

One way the covid-19 vaccine and the new Xbox are similar is that both are currently very scarce. According to the Trump administration, it had previously taken over fixing an additional 100 million doses of the current Pfizer vaccine. Report by New York Times, And now scrambled Buy more from other companies..

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