Surprisingly, Facebook is testing Oculus in-game ads –

Facebook has announced that it will begin testing ads in VR games running on Oculus devices. This is a move that literally shouldn’t surprise anyone. Resolution Games’ Blaston and “Several Other Games” will be the first to participate in in-game ads that currently appear to be limited to billboard-type ads.

In-game advertising example

“Our main focus at Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) is to attract more people to VR, improve the consumer experience and advance long-term augmented reality initiatives,” Facebook says. “We are also looking for new ways for developers to generate revenue, which is important for creating a self-sustaining platform that can support a variety of business models that unlock new types of content and audiences. It’s part of it. It also helps make innovative AR / VR hardware more accessible to more people. “

“For now, this is a test using several apps. Once you’ve seen how this test works and incorporate feedback from developers and the community, the entire Oculus platform and Oculus mobile,” they said. I will add.

Ads follow the same rules as the Facebook platform in that they are targeted, and players gain control of the same types of ads that they do on social media platforms. “It contains controls for hiding certain ads or completely hiding ads from advertisers. Users can go through” Why are you seeing this ad? ” You can also access more detailed ad settings from any ad. I will explain Facebook.

Media giants scrape a huge database of likes to target ads, but don’t use data from the headset itself. No movement, height, weight, Oculus voice chat, etc. are used.

I’ve seen this kind of ad in games before. While past race titles like Burnout Paradise had billboard ads promoting real-world products, Facebook is planning other types of ads in VR games.

“We are currently investing in discreet ads as a new way for developers to build their business. We’re not ready to test yet, but we’re also looking for new VR-specific ad formats. “They say. “A more profitable content ecosystem is a key step towards truly mainstream consumer VR.”

Interestingly, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo have all become mainstream without in-game advertising. With the dawn of mobile games, advertising has only recently become the only way to make money.


Surprisingly, Facebook is testing Oculus in-game ads –

Source link Surprisingly, Facebook is testing Oculus in-game ads –

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