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Survey: 99% of retailers will provide same-day delivery by 2025

Delivery and Fulfillment According to a study by cloud platform provider Bringg, retailers of all forms and sizes will deliver same day by 2025 as consumers continue to prioritize the speed and convenience of last mile fulfillment. It states that it will provide. Released this week.

Supply chain technology providers survey 500 retailers in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Italy to assess the strengths and weaknesses of retailers’ last mile delivery capabilities, fulfillment costs and retailer responsiveness. I understand. Customer fulfillment needs. They found that in most cases they needed to develop more connected fulfillment networks, automation capabilities, and focus on geographically small, or “hyperlocal” delivery strategies.

The result is the company 2022 Bring Barometer: Retail Delivery and Fulfillment Status Report. According to the survey, 99% of respondents said they would deliver same day within the next three years, while 35% said they could deliver today. The survey also found that many of the current Last Mile fulfillment models do not support same-day or on-demand delivery, but 36% of respondents are primarily concerned with real-time order visibility. , 24% cite the distance traveled from the warehouse to fulfillment as a major obstacle to on-time delivery.

The survey also found:

  • Retailers are in urgent need of better connectivity, but lack of visibility and outdated technology are hampering retailers. 44% use different technologies to manage multiple fulfillment channels, and 61% cite last mile visibility issues.
  • According to 61% of respondents, the biggest problem with scaling delivery is the lack of real-time visibility after the order is delivered. Fifty-five percent pointed out the inefficient manual nature of order planning and shipping methods.
  • When it comes to issues related to fast and on-time delivery, lack of data is a central concern for retailers due to real-time order visibility (51% in this case) and travel time (49%). .. This issue is exacerbated by multiple delivery partners. Twenty-six percent of retailers say they struggle with visibility when working with third parties.
  • Retailers are moving away from their reliance on a single traditional carrier and shifting their focus to a combination of providers to connect with their customers more quickly, with 55% using multiple fleets for last mile delivery. increase.
  • Sustainability and carbon emissions are important considerations, with 56% of retailers using fleets with electric vehicles (EVs) and one-third using bicycle fleets.

One-third of the retailers surveyed reported that they were confident that they could respond to these and other pandemic changes in purchasing behavior, but the report said they were somewhat confident that just under half could. I say I have it.

“The retail industry is reforming itself and adjusting its fulfillment operations to the current market eruption, paving the way for cost-effective and rapid fulfillment,” Bringg said. Guy Bloch, CEO, said in a press statement detailing the results of the report. “The latest barometer report confirms that the retail industry is extremely agile, and one-third (33%) of retailers are confident that they can pivot to respond to new customer behavior resulting from a pandemic. Now that we need more delivery capabilities, greater innovation, and stronger partnerships with our providers, 49% of retailers who are “somewhat” confident are able to improve delivery speed and convenience. It’s time to prove that you have enough agility. To get there, retailers need to connect and automate delivery network resources, processes, and technologies, and adopt hyperlocal fulfillment as their 2022 goal. “

Survey: 99% of retailers will provide same-day delivery by 2025 Survey: 99% of retailers will provide same-day delivery by 2025

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