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Survey: Online shoppers overestimate cyber threats to personal data

Retail brands are struggling to regain consumer confidence in data security amid the recent surge in cyber hacking, despite the fact that a small number of shoppers have actually stolen their personal information.

A study by UK-based marketing automation platform Dotdigital shows that the disconnect does not support the reality of consumer concerns about data security by the epidemic of breaches. “The rise of responsible marketers.”

In a survey of more than 2,000 American consumers, 67% were concerned that data could be hacked when sharing data with brands and retailers while shopping. Only 20% experienced data security issues. An additional one-fifth (21%) reported that details were stolen, indicating a disruption that brands must address to build the trust needed to secure conversions, retention, and lifetime value for their customers. I am. Dotdigital said on his blog..

The message pervaded all demographic groups in the survey, but the data also showed that young shoppers were less worried about hacking, even if they were affected more often. Specifically, young shoppers weren’t too worried about the data being compromised when shopping online. While 55% of 18-24 year olds raise this as a concern compared to 76% of shoppers aged 55-64 years, the cohort has more frequently hacked data and only 17% over 65 years old. Compared to, it affected a quarter (25%) of 18-24 year olds.

Still, the overall results show that companies need to build the infrastructure to generate, gain and maintain trust and communicate them clearly with consumers, said Dotdigital Group founder and president. Tink Taylor said in the release. “Although the rate of data breaches revealed in our research remains unacceptably high, it shows that concerns about the spread of hacking and data security are now outweighed by reality. When we introduce it, it points out the image issues that the brand needs to resolve, and its key business embraces compliance and trust, “says Taylor.

Survey: Online shoppers overestimate cyber threats to personal data Survey: Online shoppers overestimate cyber threats to personal data

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