Survival Horror Lives With Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One Outbreak Series

Hey, survivor!

The undead moans reverberate as you fight for life Outbreak A collection of titles in honor of the series, a classic survival horror experience from the 90’s. From fixed camera angles to over-the-shoulder adventures, safely guide a group of survivors in the global undead epidemic. When looking for and managing very limited resources, it’s up to you to solve the puzzles, desperately search for the truth behind the outbreak, and choose between fighting and fleeing. Oh, and don’t forget to bring fellow survivors to fight with you in local split-screen cooperation!

Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, it runs on the latest Xbox frameworks and comes with native 4K on Xbox Series X. This release includes over three years of content, features, bug fixes, and balance updates with significant improvements. Control your character as the camera tracks you. Take your friends and play in two local split-screen co-ops, or play alone while experiencing the entire campaign, fight hordes onslaught, and experience a unique survival horror mini-game in experimental mode.

Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition

The nightmare isn’t over yet, and another title in the series will be released every few weeks until the end of February.You will explore the abandoned mansion in Occurrence: Nightmare Chronicle Definitive EditionLooking for your lost daughter in Outbreak: Lost Hope Definitive Edition Fight action-packed hordes Outbreak: Epidemic Definitive Edition.. Each of these titles has been tuned for the next generation of hardware, with dramatic improvements in graphics, performance, and long-standing features and fixes. In addition, we are waiting for new achievements to challenge you with each title!

Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition

I created Outbreak From tough gameplay as nails to cheesy stories and aesthetics, I love survival horror. As a solo indie developer, it’s incredible to see the reaction and interest in these titles over the last five years, which adds value to the journey. This is a genre that has gradually declined as gameplay standards have evolved over the last two decades.

Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition

Survival horror is the weakening of a player. You will be forced to remove the agency and deal with the difficult situation without the equipment in place. It was important to me to make each title unique, focusing on different times to bring the gameplay to life. From tank control (latest options are available!) To inventory, everything can be a challenge when struggling to fight enemies or deciding if you want to bring more ammo or healing items. Designed to enhance. After all, your choice directly affects whether your survivors reach salvation or are consumed by hordes. But with each failure, you will find that you learn more and slowly build the skills you need to survive.

Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition

Just in case, all titles Outbreak The series is now available to Xbox One players, but the definitive edition is specific to the Xbox Series X | S.

Stay tuned for more details Outbreak Titles to be released on the Xbox Series X | S in the coming weeks. And don’t worry, there are many new adventures on the horizon, Occurrence: A never-ending nightmare, The world’s first retro survival horror roguelike game. It will be available on the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One in late 2021.

Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition

Thank you for playing, and survive the undead apocalypse and do your best!

Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition

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Outbreak: New Nightmare Definitive Edition

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Enter a relentless co-operative survival horror experience as you fight for your life against oppressive odds. The horror of Arzt Memorial Hospital was just the beginning of the outbreak. As the infection spread throughout the city, local law enforcement agencies declined rapidly. You now find that you are trapped in a hellish landscape with only a few survivors left. Clean the environment in search of supplies, confront the undead, and do whatever it takes to survive. Play the entire game alone or with local split screen collaboration. There is only one life. Let’s count it!

Survival Horror Lives with the Outbreak Series on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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