Survive dystopian Cincinnati in the cyberpunk dream that will appear on PC this summer

Midnight game Announced a free-to-play narrative RPG Cyberpunk dream This summer, Steam will be available to support Windows, Mac and Linux. Set in a chaotic and inhuman alternative future, the game leads players to a deadly quest for the darkest parts of corporate-owned Cincinnati – hazy neon from the desolate wastelands surrounding the city. From the rainy hustle and bustle of the streets to the sparkling chrome spire in the luxurious center of the city.

A continuously expanding text-based RPG, Cyberpunk dream Ask players to engrave their identity in this dystopian cityscape. Through quests, stats, equipment choices, etc., players can make their character a talking socialite, a hawk’s eye secret provider, cybernet-extended street tough, a master hacker, or anything in between. Can be defined. Player choice is important and has real lasting impact. In these nasty streets, who you know and who you can tap to benefit from is just as important as who you are.

Cyberpunk dream It boasts over 1.6 million interactive prose delivered through thousands of interrelated story vignettes filled with meaningful decisions and stylish illustrations. A single small choice in one scene snowballs into an unexpected series of results, Cyberpunk Dreams “ The dark vision of the future feels more and more lively and unpredictable as it constantly expands.

In development since 2013, Late Night Games will support the game through regular free content updates, adding new areas to explore, new story arcs to discover, friends, deceiving, destroying characters and the skills you need. We plan to add new opportunities to develop. Work on bigger and more dangerous jobs. Life in the 2090s Cincinnati moves fast and doesn’t stop until it’s bagged and tagged.

Designed for beginners in interactive fiction, but deep enough for veterans. Cyberpunk dream Take an organic (and sometimes cybernetic) approach to character development. Every challenge will win or lose, define your skills and teach potentially painful lessons. Every time you change your outfit, how the world perceives you changes. Even your personality will settle almost forever about your personality. Cyberpunk dream Take a flexible approach to sexuality and identity, as expected in the 2090s.

For more information, please visit The full game is free to play on Steam and is supported with an optional microtransaction.

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Survive dystopian Cincinnati in cyberpunkdreams coming this summer to PC

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