Survive in an Unturned sandbox infested with open-world zombies

At the age of 16 in the summer of 2013, I started making dream games that I wanted to play with my friends. Unturned.. Seven years later, it’s still my passionate project for Windows PCs, and now the 505 is bringing editions to the Xbox One. Over the years, the game has been enhanced with dozens of maps, hundreds of new features, all with the help of a vibrant remodeling community.

Unturned Is a sandbox survival game where you set your own goals, so you can include almost any feature in any way. As a developer, this was a lot of fun. Because I was able to incorporate all the elements of my favorite game and experiment with different ideas.

One of these aspects I’m most proud of is the Union Quest Line on the map of Russia. Coalition is an international team of NPCs fighting zombie outbreaks, offering quests that can be completed solo or multiplayer with friends. There’s also a dark secret quest that goes deep into the metro … These NPC features are further used in modder-created Greek maps (included in the Xbox One edition) to provide multiple competing factions. ..

There are too many other favorite features in the game that I can’t cover all in this post, so I’ll briefly list some of them. There is a voice chat for two-way walkie-talkie items. Anyone can be arrested with handcuffs. Almost any object you see can be destroyed, especially when driving an airplane, train, boat or car. Build and strengthen your base to protect yourself from hordes of zombies for rare loot. Collect protective gear to confront the radioactive dead zone and compete for supply airdrops against thieves.


One of the big advantages of the Xbox One version with the 505 is free dedicated server hosting. You can create your own dedicated dedicated server in-game to handle all technical management automatically and play with your friends for free. I’ve always wanted this feature on my PC, but it’s ridiculously expensive for a free-to-play game.

As an adult, I loved playing split-screen sofa co-op games with friends and family, so I’m excited to see them added to the Xbox One version. Personally, I prefer to play split screen on my Xbox One rather than my desktop PC, as it’s convenient to just turn on the TV and join the game.


We hope you like the Xbox One version. Unturned So far, we look forward to continuing to develop the game!


Xbox Live


505 games


$ 24.99

UNTURNED is an open-world survival sandbox where you need to take on the role of survival in the ruins of a zombie-infested modern society and work with your friends to form an alliance and stay alive. Find weapons and consumables to survive against zombies and gain experience points that can be used for upgrades while the game is in progress. You can clean clothes, weapons, food and supplies while avoiding zombies and other players. You can also collect and create resources (wood, metal, etc.) to create fortresses, defenses, and more. Explore the map to find what you are looking for. All resources will help you save yourself and create the equipment you need. To protect you and fight zombies and other players. There is a wide variety of items, weapons and vehicles (airplanes, cars, tanks, etc.) available. Find the right one for your game strategy! As you progress through the game, you’ll gain experience points by clearing zombies, which will help you upgrade and improve your skills in three categories: attack, defense, and support. Survive online thanks to a dedicated server, fight up to 24 friends and share your adventures in split-screen multiplayer at home! Don’t turn it over! • Large Maps – Travel land, air, and sea to explore up to 8 sandbox maps • Craft – Create equipment and structures from collected supplies • Power Ups – Attack, Defense, Support 3 Upgrade your skills in one category • Customize – Avatar can be fully cosmetically personalized • Multiplayer – Team up with brave zombies and other enemies alone or with friends • Competitive or ally – other players Alliance with or participate in all competitions

Try to Survive in the Open-World, Zombie-Infested Sandbox of Unturned

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