Survivor Squad and Power Level Guide

Fortnite: Save the World has an interesting leveling system in the form of power level (PL), which is the number in the upper right corner of the home screen. Power levels are also displayed as in-game usernames and numbers that accompany your teammates. This guide will explain everything you need to know about getting a survivor and building it properly. Fortnite Survivor Squads, And maximize the power level over time.

What is a power level? Why is it so important?

Power level is the most important thing in Fortnite: Save the world. This is a number that shows FORT (Fortitude, Offense, Resistance, Tech) statistics calculated by a special in-game formula. There is no formula, it doesn’t matter, but your power level determines the strength of your hero.

Heroes and weapons now have their own leveling system that is roughly related to power levels. The level 130 gun is useless in the hands of power level 10 players. It’s important to advance the PL, as they won’t do the same amount of damage when used.

Areas in the four zones of Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks are also locked behind power level requirements. Each mission and each node on the map also has a minimum PL requirement that must be met in order to be able to successfully contribute to the team.

These requirements are linked to the hero level. As you progress through these levels, you will also gain enough resources to level up your heroes and survivors.

What is a survivor?

According to folklore Survivors are humans who survived the storm that saved the world and wiped out most of humanity... Survivors can be considered in-game as characters who can perform quick tasks in exchange for small rewards. These tasks range from saving survivors from zombies to fetching the infamous Medkit Dennis.

However, the survivors that actually affect the power level are available as cards. They can be obtained via llamas, mission rewards, expeditions, and can also be redeemed for gold at the Item Shop. Survivors appear with the same rarity as heroes and weapons – common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The higher the rarity, the higher the power level gain. These survivors can also be inserted into collection books to advance and earn rewards.

What are Fortnite Survivor Squads?

Fortnite requires survivors to be placed in specific squads. Each squad needs a suitable leader. The rest of the survivors of that squad are entirely dependent on the leader. Survivors have personalities that need to be matched to achieve the highest possible power level gain.

Each survivor card also comes with its own boosts, including additional damage, health, and even shields. Matching the survivor’s personality to the leader will give you this additional boost. These boosts also have additional requirements, such as having another survivor on the same team with the same boost and personality.

The best way to optimize your survivor squad is to gather as many survivors as possible. Collecting rare survivors can be used to recycle less rare survivors as a resource and level up the survivors you need. Continue to replace squad survivors with more powerful survivors until all slots are filled. next You can start optimizing personality matches and specific boosts.

You can also assign specific points to each FORT value. Complete the storyline with two Mythic Survivors named after Epic employees as rewards. These are available from the Canny Valley Story. Some quest missions also offer transform cards that can be used to earn survivors of a certain rarity.

Recent changes in power level

Recent updates have strangely affected everyone’s power levels. There were no in-game notifications or blog posts explaining it, but Fortnite: Save the World community manager “/ u / Magsyt” posted it on Reddit.

Epic Games has fixed some computational issues and adjusted the power levels to support the new Promote Survivors. These changes were relatively small, with 131 PL players and 130. This means that even slight changes in power levels haven’t made the game harder or easier. The numbers displayed in the UI have changed, but the actual FORT stats and the husk’s shield or health haven’t changed.

What is the new power level cap?

According to Magyst, the reputation of over 140 husks has also been raised. He states: “The old evaluation was a basic linear sequence that was not mapped to the exponentially increasing power levels of the shell. The new evaluation better reflects the relative forces.”

There is no difference in the amount of damage you are doing or taking. 130 was the intended upper limit for level 50 survivors, but the pre-update formula did not consider some FORT sources, allowing players to exceed 130. It was lowered to 130 at 131.

However, because of its ability to promote survivors The new power level cap has been increased to 145.

Note at the end of Fortnite Survivor Squads

It’s currently not possible to move to level 145, but Epic will soon release more ways to enable survivor promotions. As a beginner, these things are far more advanced for you, and you need to focus on getting all the survivors you can, leveling them up, and gathering more survivor personalities. there is. Redeem your seasonal Legendary Survivors from the shop every time for a huge boost.

Fortnite Save the World: Survivor Squads and Power Level Guide

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