SW: Interview with the Old Republic: “I want to keep working on it forever”

Star Wars: The Old Republic is not yet complete (Photo: Lucasfilm Games)

GameCentral tells BioWare about the 10th anniversary of the Old Republic and why the new Legacy Of The Sith is not the last expansion.

This summer Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its 10th anniversary with an all-new expansion that players are looking forward to: Legacy of the Sith, due out on December 14th. The multiplayer extension is intended to give you a “space horror” feel. When a player embarks on a whole new adventure in a distant galaxy.

In terms of timeline, the Old Republic is set about 4,000 years before the original Star Wars movie event, and about 300 years after the titles of the two Knights of the Old Republic. You can download the base game for free from Steam or the official website. Players can advance to level 60 before they need a Battle Pass subscription. This is very generous for such a large MMO.

I recently talked to the developers to discuss the future of the game and see what they have in the release of Legacy Of The Sith. “We want to keep creating content for this game as much as possible,” said Creative Director Charles Boyd, who claims to have been working on the game “forever.” “As enthusiastic fans of Star Wars, we have a really great team and can do things that no one else can.”

“We laid out with EA in the next few years. Our five-year plan,” says Boyd. “If we want to last for another decade, we have to make many improvements, many changes, and find out where we are heading and where our story is heading. No. Where can I see it in Legacy Of The Sith? It’s like the beginning of the next decade. “

Their plans have already been extended beyond the new extensions, even if they can’t get into the details about it yet. “I don’t think there is any idea that there will be no future expansion,” says producer Keith Kanneg.

“I think there is a logical place for them to be, whether once a year or every two years. I think the question is,” What do you need next? ” You may also need to reset it. New expansion, direction of new story to expand. We don’t have time to expect to limit the number of extensions in the future. “

When it first started, all those years ago, the Old Republic was basically described by BioWare as the title of the Third Knights of the Old Republic, and there were essentially several standalone games in one. bottom. At the time of launch, it was actively encouraged to play solo to better reproduce the feel of the original game, but this is not always the case today.

“I think we’ve learned a lot in the last decade,” says Kanneg. “What you see is that players like to play solo and they like to be left to a character that is different from their own story and their own way. And we are 10 For years, everything was on the road with no MMO content in the story. Players liked it and played it, but didn’t stick to it. “

“We asked, well, why? And I realized that players like the social side, so I turned around and said,” Let’s get this back. ” rice field. They can play solo, but retain all the content of the group. At the end of 2016, we started seeing a lot of group content back, but we’re still in solo focus so players can have both.

The Legacy Of The Sith revolves around the battle between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire over the essential resources to heal medicine throughout the galaxy. Conflicts occur on Manan’s neutral aquatic planet. Depending on the faction you play, the stories and encounters you experience will vary.

Large group operations are a popular feature in the Old Republic. These are challenging tactical encounters that require teamwork to succeed. There, you need to overcome the waves of enemies and fight to achieve your goals and earn rewards.

Therefore, the R-4 anomaly is the latest operation introduced in Legacy Of The Sith. This is an eight-player manipulative encounter that takes you to deep space to fight the mysterious Sith cult. The cult is obsessed with integrating the dark side of the Force into new technology, threatening the entire galaxy, including the Sith Empire.

From the player’s point of view, the charm of the Old Republic has always been character customization and a rich story. “There is a certain type of experience gained with BioWare games. Many of the developers who participated in this project are veterans of games such as Knights Of The Old Republic and Baldur’s Gate, and what are the advantages of MMOs and how? We were looking at how we could merge, “said game director Charles Boyd.

Whether you play as a bounty hunter, a Jedi, or a Sisroad, the game allows you to choose your own path and make the following decisions, so the multiple-choice moral dilemma that players need to tackle is: , Is one of the more unique features. Affects the coordination between the storyline and the force. As you can imagine, making obviously evil choices, such as torturing a non-player character for information, will make the character stronger on the dark side.

Star Wars: Old Republic Legacy of Sith Artwork

Legacy of the Sith – The abandoned Sith Fortress is one of the new places (Photo: Lucasfilm Games)

Legacy Of The Sith offers even more personalization. Players are treated to a whole new combat style and refreshment of character creation, with a variety of looks to choose from.You will also see the favorite returns of some players, including the Jedi Tauidea.

Ten years ago, the number of female characters that could be played in popular games was somewhat limited. In the Old Republic, this wasn’t a problem. As a female, it’s great that I can design and play as a Star Wars self, Lord Sith with a double red lightsaber.

“Expressing different living experiences is at the forefront and central to BioWare and the Old Republic,” says Boyd. “This is something we care about very much, as a developer and as a human being. Over time, we will continue to drive this.”

“We definitely want to convey this to players and their characters. How they present themselves, how they think of their characters, and the background of their kind. And more options about what the living experience was, “he adds.

Given how easy it is to play for free, it’s always a good time to try the Old Republic. But it’s not just Legacy Of The Sith that offers new incentives, but BioWare’s commitment to content for at least another five years beyond that. Just as Star Wars itself seems ready to endure forever, so does its most successful MMO.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic interview: ‘I’ve been on this project forever and I want to keep working on it forever’

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