Swashbacking Platform Adventure Olija is about to anchor in early 2021

There are words from Ahoy mateys, avid explorer Skeleton Crew Studio and its crew Devolver Digital. Swash buckling adventure The game Olija will depart for consoles and PCs in early 2021. But what can we expect when a fascinating action fantasy experience takes hold?

Olija is a mysterious, action-packed platform adventure focused on Faraday’s quest. Faraday’s quest is a man trapped in a mysterious land of Terraphage after a wreck. Armed with the legendary harpoon, he and other drifters must try to leave this hostile country to return to their hometown. Skillfully swinging the harpoon and rethinking your thoughts on movement is the only surefire way to leave One Piece. Through some brave expeditions, narration, and very sharp battles, you will discover a strange world and its inhabitants. One such inhabitant is Oriha, a mysterious woman who finds Faraday detained over time.

Olija’s mysterious handmade world is inspired by a mixture of legends told by sailors and Asian fantasies. It is organized by a beautiful melancholic soundtrack composed of flamenco, lo-fi and traditional Japanese music. In the end, Olija should be the story of confronting the unknown in the face of adversity, although influenced by the movie’s adventure games.

Those looking to explore the world of Olija need to hang firmly until early 2021 when it’s released on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Naturally, it should be playable. Even in the next-generation console. Fortunately for PC predators, they can quickly get a taste of action. vapor Because free demos are available.

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Swashbuckling platforming adventure Olija looks to drop anchor in early 2021

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