Sweet Dreams-Where to Find Your Device in Cyberpunk 2077

Sweet Dreams’ side business has the optional (yes) purpose of retrieving all equipment. Sweet Dreams – Finding Equipment in Cyberpunk 2077 This guide provides basic tips and tricks for completing your mission, as well as more information on where to find your equipment.

This mission is painful because you lose all your equipment. When I wake up, there is an enemy in the next room. Sneak up behind him and drop him down. There are two additional enemies outside the balcony. Please ignore. There is nothing outside. Then slowly enter each of the following rooms. Enemies usually turn their backs on you, so it’s easy to kill them quietly. When you reach the main room with three static guards, you will find the equipment there.

Sweet Dreams – Where to find equipment in Cyberpunk 2077

SweetDreams-Where to find your device in cyberpunk

There is a locker aiming at the top. There is a row of lockers, the one on the left. You could simply rush to the locker and try to grab your equipment in time, which may be the easiest and fastest strategy to complete the mission. But I couldn’t find the gear until I had already killed everyone. If you’re in a hurry and your tactics don’t work, there’s another way.

There is a female NPC in the same room who enters the kitchen next door. Please take her down. She drops the SMG. Go to the next room, head to the exit of the apartment, and use stealth to defeat the enemy each time they come. When you leave the apartment, there are enemies who are scribbling on the wall. Killing him with stealth leaves an enemy at the edge of the hole.

I couldn’t grab this last enemy because the game is a bit buggy. Defeat him with your SMG. He drops a much more powerful SMG and is strong enough to kill the rest of the guards. Then simply mow them before returning to the locker to get the gear.

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