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Sweet Mystery: Sugar may be an enemy like many diet booms, but avoiding it altogether is not a good idea

Sugar may not have many properties when it comes to health, but its only major property is to convey flavor.

The problem with the epidemic diet is that they are often supported by hollow studies. The word “trend” precedes such a habit, but it still does not stop millions of people from flocking to it. The body works in a particular way, and trying to tinker with it in the extreme can produce dramatic and sudden consequences. However, in most cases, while these results are short-lived, their effects are much longer and can surface even decades later.

One such trend is to avoid sugar altogether. Now, grab your carb-filled anxiety and let me unravel. We admit that sugar is the most legal drug in the world and significantly leads the second legal drug, caffeine. There is no check on how much to add to their products, even while alcohol and nicotine are taxed. And cannabis? let’s start. But sugar and caffeine march through all the doors, bravely and shyly, not secretly, as if their name were at the top of the VIP list.

In a world where obesity increases over the centuries, especially in Japan, which suffers from malnutrition and lifestyle-related diseases, conscious consumption is the only way to prevent long-term harm. So I understand that I need to reduce sugar, look at the caffeine, and take steps to eat and live healthier.

But getting rid of all the sugar is not a good idea for multiple reasons. First of all, some are not bad. You need to be careful about your consumption. It’s even worse when people replace it with an alternative like aspartame and think they support their body by rattling zero-calorie soda and drink cans. Others switch to Stevia. This may be better, but it does not provide the same flavorful richness. You rarely stick to the real thing, it just reduces your overall intake. This is wise. Sugar may not have many health properties (well, yes, but let’s hide it for now), but one of its main properties is to convey flavor. If too little, the dessert may look too bland.

The same thing happens when salt or sour elements are stingy. These are the basic catalysts for our sensory receptors, and without them the other flavors (mainly the sense of smell) feel weakly diluted. Chocolate becomes chocolate-like when salted, and watermelon juice is fortified with the touch of lemon juice. Similarly, sugar brings many flavors to the fore. These are not just grandma’s tricks, but the biochemical science behind them.

This means that ice cream, shakes, sodas, blenders, chocolates, desserts, etc. all need sugar. Limiting sugar content by measuring on a calorie scale rather than taste is the dullest way to design a product, although less may work. Sadly, many brands out there seem to intend to do it exactly. The new brand Habit’s Protein Sachet is the only one that didn’t taste like an amino acid lab cocktail.

But with their ice cream (sold under the overly difficult Monica of “Wise Cream” * Shadder *), they actually taste the final product in the thrill of less than 40 calories per serving. I think I forgot. Although it was creamy, it had a cardboard-like taste. Frankly, I would rather get a good gelato with all the sweet and creamy calorie goodness (natural comes to mind; Venice is another brand I recently tried at the Italian Embassy And highly recommended). But instead of eating it every day, I reduce it to once a week (or two weeks) and give proper full-scale treatment rather than a “looks like ice cream” full compromise.

The same logic I extend to cola and dessert. I have the real thing. I have it less and less often. Thinking that you can eat more just because you have less calories is not the right way to work on your health. Even with sugar and salt, the joy of enjoying something and how it looks best can be a limited pleasure. As the frequency goes down, it’s highly anticipated, and the joy will be, at best, temporary, or at least real.

The writer is a sommelier

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Sweet Mystery: Sugar may be an enemy like many diet booms, but avoiding it altogether is not a good idea Sweet Mystery: Sugar may be an enemy like many diet booms, but avoiding it altogether is not a good idea

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