Swim sanity! Unleash Pack 1 DLC is available today on Xbox One

We are very excited to have Swim sanity! As part of this month’s Games with Gold. I’m grateful to everyone who has played so far and am excited to talk about what to expect from us on the road ahead.

Update 3.0

First and foremost, the community boost from Games with Gold was amazing. We are pleased to be able to further improve this release with the next update 3.0. We have experienced a fair amount of server issues since this is by far the busiest and of course the busiest since the server booted. These issues will need to be resolved in a future update that addresses match drops, adventure online blocks when players drop, invisible enemies, online camera issues, and more. Hopefully this is the patch needed to make online play as seamless as local play.

Unleash Pack 1

We wanted to ensure that we not only improve the previous content of the Games with Gold community, but also add new content to the mix. Along with this, we are pleased to announce that DLC Unleash Pack 1 will be released at the same time as Update 3.0. This Unleash pack features four new Unleashes you’ve never seen before. From health regens, wall sentry guns, shock drone troops, to support ammo bots. Each unleash adds a great new touch and strategy to gameplay in anti-mode and co-op mode.

Swim sanity!

We will continue to improve the experience and work hard to give you more reasons to come back. We are looking forward to the future. Thank you again and hopefully catch you online soon.

Swim sanity!

Xbox Live

Swim sanity!

Decoy Games, LLC



$ 14.99

New update 2.0! – New solo play modes added to Adventure, Adventure Sanity, and Survival are designed to enhance the single player experience – Co-op difficulty has been reduced and balanced across all game modes. – Single server matchmaking, custom room browsing, and many bug fixes – Game tutorials added to guide gameplay. Swim sanity! Is a multiplayer underwater shooter with action-packed Co-Op and Versus game modes, all supported online and locally. You play as our hero Mooba, who uses a variety of unique power-ups and weapons to survive in this aquatic world. Whether you’re teaming up with friends to swim in adventure mode or clashing in competitive matches such as Last Move Basting, there are over 150 challenges to complete in Swimsanity’s eight action-packed game modes! All modes can be played online or locally. 4 PLAYER ONLINE CO-OP! Team up to unlock content and complete challenges with players from around the world. 4 PLAYER ONLINE VERSUS! Compete for leaderboards, climb and win the best crowns in the world by participating in casual or ranked matches. Against local cooperation! Play on the couch with up to 4 friends and feel the intensity of the room. If someone goes missing, play with the bot. Online cross-play! Play with anyone online on your Xbox One, PC or console! Unleash the swimmanity! Unlock more than 10 stunning Unleashes and fight for devastating moves. Complete over 150 tasks! With over 150 challenges in 8 game modes, there’s always a lot to do.

Swimsanity! Unleash Pack 1 DLC is Available Today on Xbox One

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