Swinub begs for spiral cuts and honey glazes

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All Pokemon are interesting and worth talking about.I haven’t played a lot Pokemon, But I enjoy the universe, and I love to learn more about the creatures in it. So here’s another Pokemon! It’s Swinub!

Details of Swinub

Type: Ice / Ground

Average height: 1 ’04 “

Average weight: 14.3 lbs

First added in Generation II

Thanksgiving is approaching and I Here is another Pokemon Turkey-based Pokemon entry. Well, it turns out that it doesn’t matter! It is said that this is because there are no turkeys in Japan. But I don’t think there are dragons in Japan, and there are many dragons in Pokemon. So instead of eating turkey, I eat ham. Swinab, come here. I got an oven for you.

You see, this may seem cruel, but I think I have to catch and kill all this myself. That’s why I choose pig Pokemon that are small and easy to catch and kill. And as a great bonus, Swinub weighs an average of 14 pounds, making it the perfect size for ham.

It’s strange to remove the fur before cooking the ham, but it’s worth it. He looks delicious. I would choose my favorite ham recipe with Coca-Cola and brown sugar. (I grew up in the south.)

To be honest, it’s not very interesting to say about this poor piggy bank. Has a strong nose Sometimes I use my nose to find hot springs, is that really interesting? Or is this pig just trying to delay the inevitable?

Random facts

  • If you’ve never eaten soda and brown sugar ham before This is the recipe I use it as a reminder and to help keep the ham consistent each year.
  • Personally, I add a little more sugar and soda, but it all depends on the taste. No, I don’t use Mountain Dew. It will waste food. Unless it turns out to be good … hmm.
  • Swinub and its evolution are the only Pokemon that have ice / ground type combos. Speaking of combos, which side do you like with nice ham?

Last week’s best comment

“I was very sad to know that Aromomora had nothing to do with Luvdisc.”

Legolas Legolas Legolas

Many of you were sad and confused about this. But I understand. When I first saw this Pokemon, I was 90% convinced that it was an evolution of Luvdisc at one point. Can they rethink it as an evolution of Luvdisc? Has Pokemon ever done that?

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