Switch will break the October sales record in the United States as the next generation of products arrives.

When Sony and Microsoft debuted their next-generation consoles, Nintendo Switch just recorded the highest October sales ever in the United States.

Switch and Switch Lite sold a total of 735,926 units in the United States in October, according to Nintendo’s NPD figures. That’s 136% year-over-year sales growth.

That total represents October’s second-highest sales of video game consoles in history, surpassing Wii’s accumulated sales of 807,000 in October 2008.

The fact that Switch was launched worldwide in March 2017 and set a new monthly sales record in the United States more than three years later is evidence of continued momentum.

Nintendo said in its latest financial report that worldwide sales of switch hardware totaled 12.53 million units in the last six months, with lifetime sales of 68.3 million units.

This means that the Switch has shifted five times as many units as its predecessor, the Wii U, which managed sales of just 13.52 million units over a five-year lifespan.

Adding some context to these October figures, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said Switch performance in the US is comparable to the peak Wii.

“Switch numbers are absolutely ridiculous” He wrote on twitter.. “We’re talking about the Wii peaks here, but there’s almost no risk of falling off a cliff like the Wii. It’s a platform monster.”

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