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The latest expansion of Pokemon Company International’s Pokemon trading card game “Sword & Shield-Battle Style” has been released, introducing a new battle style mechanism that shakes Pokemon TCG’s gameplay strategy. This set is currently available at participating retailers around the world.

Inspired by Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield video games, the battle style consists of a single strike style that provides a powerful and powerful attack that can knock out enemies with a single blow, and a rapid strike style that uses sneaky technical attacks. Increasingly, this allows players to attack their opponents at unexpected times. Single Strike and Rapid Strike styles appear on trainer and energy cards that support a particular Pokemon, and that particular battle style Pokemon, and allow players to build a single strike or rapid strike deck.

Booster Packs, Elite Trainer Boxes, Swords & Shields Available in Special Collection-Battle Style Expansions include 60 Single Strike Ursif V, Rapid Strike Ursif V, Single Strike Ursif VMAX, Rapid Strike Ursif VMAX Includes Battle Style Cards. In addition, trainers can build their own decks and play with the following cards:

  • 12 Pokemon V and 16 Full Art Pokemon V
  • 6 Pokemon VMAX
  • 19 trainer cards and 6 full art supporter cards
  • 2 special energy cards

Source: Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield—Battle Styles Expansion arrives

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