SWORDSMAN significantly reduces home screen on February 16th with WellGo USA Blu / VOD

Next year, Debutante director Choi Jong Hoon will appear on Blu-ray and digitally from Asian contemporary film specialist Welgo USA. Sword Suman, starring Jang Hyuk (Volcano High, influenza). Jang Hyuk, a veteran of the popular K drama circuit, appears here as an honorable swordsman. The dilapidated guards were forced to retire after the slip-up led to the fall of the king. Isolated in the woods with embarrassment and diminished eyesight, he was put back into action when his most beloved, his young daughter, was captured by a trafficker.

Exclusively premiered a new trailer for this exciting action movie starring Chan in a special appearance by Indonesian bad Joe Taslim (Joe Taslim).Ryed, night is coming, Fast & Furious 6) As a Qing swordsman trying to give his name. Full of slicing and dicing actions, I can’t wait to see the rest of February 16th. Swordfighter Hit the Blu-ray and digital home screens.

Check out the details here, then check out the trailer below.

“”[A] A gritty action movie filled with magnificent sword-wielding stunts “~ GEEK CULTURE

“… the right blend of exciting sword-wielding action, drama, and warrior chords to meet the desires of fans of more enthusiastic genres.” ~ THE MOVIE BEAT


Classic, over the top historic swordsman action movie

Debuted on February 16th on digital, Blu-ray ™ and DVD

Includes new English dub!

Plano, Texas (December 16, 2020) – “A Fun Hybrid of Mainstream Historical Drama and Traditional Martial Arts Action” (Movie Hole) is an action-packed epic “No Boring Moments” (Movie) There is a beat) Swordfighter Debuted on February 16th with Digital, Blu-ray ™ and DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment. After failing to protect and prevent the fall of the king, the best swordsmen in Korea leave the mountains and live in isolation from their daughters. When her eyesight begins to deteriorate due to an old injury, her daughter tries to find a cure for him. When she was captured and taken away by a slave trader Swordfighter He is forced to raise his sword again to save her. “Jang Hyuk (Empire of pure) Swirling as an unstoppable force of nature ”(Han Cinema) Starring Choi Jong Hoon and Kim Hyun Soo (Kim Hyun Soo)with you), Joe Taslim (The Raid: Redemption, Fast & Furious 6), Jung Man Sik (Beast crowing with a straw), Lee Na Kyung (Battle of Incheon: Operation Chromite) And Lee Minhyuk (This bastard love).


After being dazzled by a coup against the king, Korea’s greatest swordsman (Jang Hyuk) hides far away from the suffering of his city. But when a trafficker kidnaps his daughter, he has no choice but to take off his sword again.

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SWORDSMAN significantly reduces home screen on February 16th with WellGo USA Blu / VOD

https://screenanarchy.com/2020/12/exclusive-choi-jae-hoons-the-swordsman-slashes-your-home-screens-february-16th-on-bluvod-from-well-g.html SWORDSMAN significantly reduces home screen on February 16th with WellGo USA Blu / VOD

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