Synthetik, one of the best top-down shooters on Steam, is coming to Switch and Xbox One today

Sheriff Sayed, Wednesday, December 16, 2020 16:00 GMT

Synthetik has finally arrived on the console with a major update.

Since the first release of Synthetik In 2018, Flow Fire continued to develop great top-down roguelike tactical shooters, adding new free content in the form of Legion Rising extensions, class rebalancing, weapon adjustments, and difficulty fixes.

Behind the scenes, the team is working on bringing the game to the console, and today is the day console players can experience Synthetik. The game was released only on Xbox One and Switch eShop, so it’s not all console players. PS4 version is I’m working on it, but it won’t arrive until next year.

Released today is Synthetik: Ultimate, an enhanced version of the base PC game. The ultimate update adds new story content, a new final room (if created), and a new shop terminal (Alchemy) designed for synergies, new enemy squads, new music, and more. I will. The same update will be available on Steam later today and a PC version will be available.

Synthetik, which I played when it was launched two years ago, is one of the most hardcore top-down shooters on the PC. If you’re just a little interested in shooters that require a little skill and finesse, there’s nothing like Synthetik.

Synthetik offers eight different classes and a large number of weapons, both of which help you dial in your favorite particular playstyle. In addition, although it is a PC only, it also supports online cooperation.

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Synthetik, one of the best top-down shooters on Steam, comes to Switch and Xbox One today

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