Synthetik: Ultimate – A classic top-down shooter meets roguelikes

Who misses the good old days of classic top-down shooters?We did, and that’s why we made it Synthetik: Ultimate – Roguelike a fresh shooter that captures the strength and richness of late 90’s titles while maximizing the latest hardware such as the Xbox Series X | S without missing the comfort of modern games. game.

Hello everyone. I’m Alexander Luck. I, along with co-founder Eric Krutten, make up half of the Flowfire games.Built together SynthetikAnd it’s a pleasure to know that there are people all over the world who are hungry for fleshy shooters. Synthetik With the highest quality of photography, this genre adds even more depth and new mechanics. in short, Synthetik Collect special items, upgrade your weapons, expand your weapons and challenge you to go through increasingly difficult levels and defeat powerful bosses. The first attempt may not be successful, but in between runs it will level up the class and unlock new perks for future attempts. We wanted to give players more choices, not just the weapons they use, to enable experimentation and different playstyles.

For us, it was closely related to what we loved most from those 90’s games-the fact that they weren’t afraid to put in lots of features and explosive content. So with over 90 weapons (these are often separate weapons based on real guns, not all randomly generated ones that feel basically the same) and powerful. There are 125 different items that can offer active abilities or passive bonuses. By the way, all of these weapons can be upgraded. There are also variations and attachments that you can discover.

To Synthetik, I wanted the player to actually feel the weapon, so I need to learn how to handle mechanics that need to be cleared, such as overheating and jams. Reloading includes manual ejection of magazines and clips. Do you want to save all the last bullets or make sure you have the full ammo for the next battle? This entails an active reload system that will give you bonuses and faster reloads if you can master it.

Note that if you are not really familiar with the manual eject and active reload mechanism, you can disable it as part of your custom difficulty setting. We consider it an important part of the experience, so it’s a good idea to keep it going, but in the end you’re playing. Whether you can’t do it for some reason or just don’t like it, it’s your call. All difficulty options are basically modifiers that increase the rewards from play while making certain things more difficult. You can use these difficulty features in any combination you like.

If you need a more challenging active reload, doing it right will make it even more powerful. This is optional. Make it so that enemy shots can flinch or slow you down, or increase the speed at which your weapon overheats. Rather than making the game arbitrarily difficult, such as increasing the strength of the enemy, everything is calculated to improve the game experience and think more tactically about the action.

While making Synthetik I also got a lot of inspiration from roguelike games.We Synthetik “Roguelike” because the main focus is still on shooting. You don’t have to look for food, and there are no mysterious magical items to identify. We are always moving towards our ultimate goal, the Heart of Armageddon. You have to fight permadeath, new layouts every time, different uses of credits, and lots of enemies!

Synthetik: Ultimate

Last but not least, there are eight classes in the game, each with special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The number of insane combo possibilities starts with a huge amount, and the options just add to the execution you get. You can carry up to 9 different items-when combined with class perks and weapon characteristics, the combinations are endless. Discord servers are constantly having a healthy debate about what is the hottest loadout for each class and what to look out for at runtime.

In addition to that, the latest free update, Ultimate Edition, adds 12 new items specially designed for incredible synergies with other gear (new rare enemies, New story content, etc.). Ultimate Edition is new to everyone Synthetik Players and Xbox gamers will be available immediately on the release date, so the game will Synthetik: Ultimate!!

It’s great to see the builds you came up with!I hope you enjoy it Synthetik: Ultimate As long as we enjoyed creating it … don’t forget to share a cool build with your best run!

Synthetic: Ultimate

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Synthetic: Ultimate

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Fight relentless enemies and relentless bosses in a constantly changing environment. Master unique, deep and satisfying weapon mechanics and unprecedented amounts of customization. Discover a seemingly endless amount of weapons, items, perks, and character upgrades. Next Level of Gunplay> Master SYNTHETIK’s unique and rewarding magazine eject and active reload mechanism! > Weapons can become clogged and overheat. Check for yourself before you get burned. > Tame, discard, and switch between different ammo types based on movement. > Experience unique and satisfying direct weapon handling, rewarding accuracy and proficiency! > For the first time, we brought headshots from a top-down perspective! What makes Synthetik so special? There are many ways to play freely and experiment, and there are endless gear combinations. Everything works! Do you play tactically in stealth? Can you leave it to the turret? Heavy weapons madness? Slice with a plasma blade and diced? The gadgets you find can enable new playstyles and greatly increase the power of each! From laser mine to turrets, mind controls, rhino fields, orbital lasers, pets, and weird potions, each of the 140+ items can make your day if you allow them … and You can have up to 9 at the same time! Experiment and adapt! Customize Level up all 8 unique and highly customizable class specializations! Play as a riot guard, bleacher, sniper, assassin, raider, heavy gunner, engineer, or demolisher, each with its own weapon specialization, loadouts, perks, and perks. Research & Class unlocks last until death! You can choose from module difficulty 11 difficulty changes and combine them individually for a customized experience. Get greater risk and rewards or play safely.

Synthetik: Ultimate – Classic Top-Down Shooter Meets Roguelike

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