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A team that beat Scotland like Bangladesh at the ICCT20 World Cup was never considered. But it’s hard to believe that the team’s striking dark blue and purple jerseys were designed by a 12-year-old girl.

Rebecca Downie is a young designer who has supported her team, which proved to be the most impressive in the first week of the tournament.

The team chose a design from over 200 entries from school children across the country. The jersey is based on the color of thistle, a symbol of the Scottish country.

Cricket Scotland used social media to thank Rebecca for helping create the jersey while wearing the kit in her first match against Bangladesh and posting an image of her supporting the team. ..

“Scottish kit designer. 12-year-old Rebecca Downie from Haddington. She was following our first game on TV and proudly sports her self-designed shirt. Thank you Rebecca. Cricket Scotland wrote on Twitter.

Rebecca, from the town of Haddington, presented the player with a new kit before leaving for Oman, the venue for the T20 showpiece alongside the UAE.

Rebecca, along with her family, was a special guest of the match against Zimbabwe in Edinburgh, where she met the players.

“I was very excited to hear that I won the contest. I couldn’t believe it. I was very happy to see the shirt in real life, it looks great! Meet the team and see them play against Zimbabwe It was great. I will wear a shirt and cheer for every match of the World Cup, “Rebecca reportedly said on the website” Cricket and Others. “

Kyle Coetzer, captain of the Scottish cricket team, said the team was “really proud” of the design.

“It was great to meet Rebecca and her family lately and see her wearing a new shirt. The team is really proud of the design and justice it with a performance at the World Cup. I am planning to do it.

“I hope the fans will enjoy the new design and support us from home, so we’re proud to wear it,” he said.

Scotland, who has won two games in the last two games, is at the top of Group B. They have already entered the Super 12 stage, demonstrating an important step in their cricket journey.

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T20 WC: 12 year old Scottish jersey T20 WC: 12 year old Scottish jersey

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