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ABC presenter Tony Armstrong questioned Quinton de Cock’s call for “confounding” and avoided withdrawing from the match and kneeling.

Australian television host Tony Armstrong has accused Quinton de Kock’s “confounding” decision not to kneel in support of the Black Lives Matter movement before the T20 World Cup match.

Tuesday night Protea Wicketkeeper withdraws from South African match To the West Indies after Cricket South Africa (CSA) instructed players and staff to kneel.

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South Africa eventually hit the West Indies with eight wickets, leaving eight balls to reach the goal of 144, but the result was overshadowed by the absence of deKock.

The Daily Telegraph Decock has sensationally withdrawn from the T20 World Cup and reports that he will not play any more role in the tournament.

“All players were required to” kneel “in a unified and consistent manner against racism, following the instructions of the CSA Board on Monday night,” the CSA said in a statement.

“This is also a global gesture against racism and is adopted throughout the norm of sport because it recognizes the power of sports people to connect people.”

Decock hasn’t responded to this latest controversy yet, but referred to his position after hitting 141 against the West Indies in a June test match.

“I keep my reason for myself (because I don’t kneel). That’s my own personal opinion,” he said at the time.

“It’s a decision for everyone and no one is forced to do anything. That’s the way I see things.”

Talk in ABC breakfastArmstrong said taking such drastic actions to avoid Decock’s kneeling is “confounding,” especially given South Africa’s racist past.

“I’ve seen sports teams around the world start driving this move,” he said Wednesday morning.

“So everything I think to prevent him from doing so-and this is my own personal opinion-a question came up in my mind. Support with my teammates. Do you show or pretend to show support? You have to be pretty strong in your belief that you don’t.

“At best, it’s confusing, confusing, and mysterious.”

Armstrong also sympathized with South African captain Temba Bavma, who boldly stood in front of the media after defeating the West Indies.

“I really felt that their captain had to stand up there as a colored person and confront the party line,” Armstrong said.

Why Decock refused to kneel

South African cricket writer Lunganizama said SEN breakfast He knows Decock “individually”, cricketers are “shy to the fact that players have been given choices of instructions”, and kneeling is a “token gesture”. He made it clear that he chose not to kneel because he believed.

“Given the length of time South Africa had to take a decisive and collective stance, they made almost all the rules in the middle of the tournament prior to the winning game (Decock withdrew),” Zama said. Said.

“The previous board told them that all players were allowed to express themselves in the way they thought it was right for them. Suddenly on the eve of such an important match. To change …

“I think it was an instruction from my boss when it wasn’t discussed before because their constitutional rights were deprived of them.

“In addition, from a previous conversation with him (de Kock), he sees it as a token gesture that has been watered down to make little sense. It sees you doing the right thing. That’s what you have to do to be.

“His preference is to actually do the right thing. It’s the way he lives, the way he interacts, and the way he treats people of all races.

“The problem is the token gesture for him.

“I qualify as Quinton de Cock. When asked if he is a racist or against Black Lives Matter, I personally know him. I say no clearly because I have.

“I know the work he has done for years to improve the lives and experiences of black players and blacks around him, long before Black Lives Matter became popular on social media.”

South African skipper’s candid reaction

Bavma admitted that Protea’s teammates were “surprised and surprised” When Decock refused to follow the team’s instructions, but said that he would “stand behind any decision” made by the wicket-keeper.

“As a team, I think we were clearly surprised and surprised by the news,” he said.

“By the way, Quinton is an adult. He is a man in his shoes. We respect his decision. We respect his beliefs.

“Unfortunately from the team’s point of view, we still have to get the job done. There were still cricket matches in our country. Just as everything is happening, the right spirit It was important to find a way to get into the space and take it home for our country.

“But in our position, Quinton is still one of the players. He’s still one of the boys, so any support he needs, any shoulders he needs from his teammates, I We are there for him.

“If I need to have more conversation, I’m sure it will happen among everyone.”

Earlier this year, Bavma was appointed as Protea’s first black cricket captain.

West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard told reporters: That is what we feel strongly as a team and as people, and we will continue to do so.

“Everyone has their own opinion about it, but as I always say, if you are educated and understand, we understand why you are doing it. I think something like education is the key, and we don’t want someone to do it lonely for us or feel sorry for us. “

Disappointment with withdrawal from shock

Much of the cricket community, along with experts blaming Decock’s actions, was terribly disappointed with the amazing development.

In the commentary box, former Zimbabwean cricketer Pommy Mubanwa and former West Indies captain Daren Sammy discussed the issue.

“Some people say it’s political, so I’m sorry if I hear it politically, but I can’t get my skin off,” Mubanwa said. “At least I hope we can discuss how to unite about what everyone agrees with. This is also the hope that there is agreement in that regard.”

Sammy added: “If you understand what this movement means, you may not understand why it is so difficult to support this movement. That is my opinion of what my kind has experienced. It affects the world. There are many problems that give, but I don’t know why it’s so difficult. “

Indian commentator Hasha Bogle tweeted. You wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t wear a Protea shirt. “

Cricket writer Mahlatse Mphahlele posted:

Cricket reporter Firdose Moonda tweeted: We have been said to be second-rate for generations, and while we have the real opportunity to stand together here, it’s not. People with our skin. “

Experts jump to Quinton’s defense

Despite the backlash, some cricket commentators suggested that the CSA should not have forced its players and staff to command.

British journalist Simon Heffer argued that De Cock should not be considered a racist for his decision.

“You should treat the player as an adult, not as a stupid child who needs to teach some manners, and recognize that with the advent of maturity, men or women have the right to exercise their conscience,” Heffer said. I am writing. Telegraph..

“De Kok, who has never acted against the interests of blacks, should be believed to be not only bloody but also conscientious, because he wants to exercise his personal freedom rather than being dictated. If his career gets stuck, it will be an act that adds to the unfortunately lengthening roll of shame in cricket. “

Talk in GN News, Former English cricket player Allan Lamb said: “If someone doesn’t want to do that, we have to accept it.”

Sports journalist Sam Street wrote: (South African soccer team) Bafana Bafana does not kneel. So why did Cricket South Africa decide that performing gestures that are rare in this country is a special “South African responsibility”? “

Former England captain Michael Vaughn posted on Twitter: They shouldn’t stop playing cricket matches. “

Former ICCCEO Malcolm Speed ​​told SEN that the CSA “shifted the player’s contract to moral and ethical issues” and “imposed this obligation on the player too much.”

“Quinton’s career is crazy. It’s premature to tell him whether there’s a way back to him, but it doesn’t look good.”

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T20 World Cup 2021: Quinton de Kock refuses to kneel and Tony Armstrong reacts T20 World Cup 2021: Quinton de Kock refuses to kneel and Tony Armstrong reacts

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