Tactical Shooter Roguelike Synthetik: The Ultimate Headline for Switch in December

Synthetik: Steam’s acclaimed tactical shooter roguelike game Ultimate is heading to Switch soon. A list showing that the game will arrive next month is displayed in the e-shop.

Fight relentless enemies and relentless bosses in a constantly changing environment. Master unique, deep and satisfying weapon mechanics and unprecedented amounts of customization. Discover a seemingly endless amount of weapons, items, perks, and character upgrades.

The next level of gun play
– Master SYNTHETIK’s unique and rewarding magazine eject and active reload mechanism!
– Weapons can become clogged or overheated. Check before you get burned.
– Tame and discard movement-based recoil and switch between different ammo types.
– Taste unique and satisfying direct weapon handling, rewarding accuracy and proficiency!
– For the first time, we brought headshots from a top-down perspective!

What makes Synthetik so special?

Freedom and experiment
There are many ways to play and there are endless gear combinations. Everything works! Do you play tactically in stealth? Can you leave it to the turret? Heavy weapons madness? Slice with a plasma blade and diced?

The gadgets you find can enable new playstyles and greatly increase the power of each!

From laser mine to turrets, mind controls, rhino fields, orbital lasers, pets, and weird potions, each of the 140+ items can make your day if you allow them … and You can have up to 9 at the same time! Experiment and adapt!

Level up all 8 unique and highly customizable class specializations! Play as a riot guard, bleacher, sniper, assassin, raider, heavy gunner, engineer, or demolisher. Each has its own weapon expertise, loadouts, perks and perks. Research & Class unlocks last until death!

Module difficulty
Choose from 11 difficulty changes that can be combined independently for a customized experience. Get greater risk and rewards or play safely.

Synthetik: Ultimate will be released digitally for Switch on December 16th.

Tactical shooter rogue-lite Synthetik: Ultimate heading to Switch in December

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