Tahith Chong left Manchester United on a loan to get the game.So far, it has been rewarded with Birmingham – Soccer Sports

Sent by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Tahith Chong Lending to Birmingham City In the summer, the message “I’m watching” is displayed, so far Manchester United The manager will be happy with what he sees. Chung was so impressed with the first few weeks of his spell in the championship that when Derby County was preparing to visit St Andrews in September. Wayne Rooney Prior to the kick-off, he emphasized that the 21-year-old Dutch wing poses a danger to the players.

No special attention confused Chung, and he was named the best player after helping Birmingham win 2-0. This is the second award for the first five starts of the new club. New city and new league? no problem.

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“The staff, the players, and Birmingham all did a great job and made me feel welcome, which made it easier to perform on the pitch,” said ESPN. I’m talking to. “After the first conversation with the manager [former Leeds and Newcastle midfielder Lee Bowyer], It fascinated me a lot. He explained what his plan was for me and the team. That conversation stayed with me, then we had a second conversation, and I felt it was the right place for me to continue to grow and improve as a player.

“Whenever I had a question, whatever I wanted to know, the door was always open. It would be easier for me as a player.”

Since his debut in January 2019, Chung has participated in United’s first team 16 times and has won 6 caps. Netherlands Under the age of 21, after discussing with Solskger and his family in the summer, it was decided to look for a loan from Old Trafford. Struggling for a game rented out in Wolfsburg, Club brugge Last season he soon settled in Birmingham. Solskger is already in contact to celebrate his great start, including a text message after Chung defeated Luton Town 5-0 in August to score two goals.

“At the end of last season, I sat down with my family and clubs to discuss what was best for me as a player and for my growth,” Chung said. “I am very happy to be in Birmingham. They are very welcoming and I hope they have a good season.

“Before I left, I talked to the manager [Solskjaer], And he went there and expressed himself and told me he would be watching. He sent me a few text messages and said he did well, which is great. That means he’s looking. Both me and the club party wanted me to play the regular minutes. Hopefully I can keep it going.

“When you’re learning, you need to play the game. The amount you get from training is limited. You need the game and you want to play it regularly. You need to keep improving and keep learning. The goal is to be a better player from this season onwards. “

He has already made an impression. Looney branded Chung as “a very talented player who can really hurt you,” and Bowyer told reporters after an exhibition that “it’s beautiful to see how he slides people in the past.” rice field. Bowyer has already reported to Carrington about Chung’s progress and told his coach that he was most impressed with his power and its application to training.

“He’s credited to their football club for coming from Manchester United, having his attitude and doing his way of working,” Bowyer said.

It’s not always that easy. Chung admits that last season’s German and Belgian loans didn’t work as expected, but shortly after moving from Feyenoord to England as a teenager, he had already counterattacked from a serious knee ligament injury. There is. He has experienced many things relatively early in his career as a professional soccer player.

“It’s part of football and we’re on a roller coaster,” he says. “You have ups and downs, you have to deal with the ups and downs, you have to thank the ups and downs. You have to take it to your chin, then learn from it, and keep moving forward. You have to have that motivation yourself, as you will be waiting to proceed to.

“I’ve been out for 10 months and such injuries thank you for the little things. You’re coming in and everyone else is talking about training and games and you’re months It’s really hard because you know you’re away [from fitness].. At that moment, the support I received from my family was extremely helpful. I was able to go home and comfort your mom and dad in difficult times. I wouldn’t have been here without them.

“It’s always hard to know that I can’t play because of an injury. For me, I was in a new country. I think I’ve only been playing for 6 months or so. It was very hard. I’m very lucky. That’s why. At that time, my parents also moved to England, but I felt like I was still at home and it was a lot easier. I don’t know what to do without my parents.

“Last season I went to Germany and didn’t play as much as I expected. I didn’t play a little more in Belgium. Even if I didn’t play, I felt I was still learning. In Germany and Germany I learned a lot. Belgium is no different. You get different experiences to take with you. The purpose is to play as much as I can and hopefully for Birmingham, we move forward. And you can see where we are. I’m here in Belgium. I want the team to do well. “

The learning curve is steep in the championship. Fixture list relentlessness, combined with veteran defenders who are ready to do whatever it takes to stop a tricky wing, makes it a tough environment for young players to thrive. Chung, however, claims that it is the best place to get better.

“I know I can kick here and there if I want to dribble and overtake a player,” he says. “I have to get up and go again, that’s my idea. I get up when I’m kicked.”

For the first time in his career, he plays regular senior soccer. He has played 10 times in Birmingham and has started each of the last 7 games.

“I think I’m dealing with it well,” he says. “Playing three games a week is a good experience and you have to recover well, eat well and sleep well. It’s another experience because I’ve never done it before. ..

“It’s okay because it’s different, and you need those experiences. You take you and everything you’ve learned in your backpack wherever you go, and you put it in your backpack. More and more, maybe in a couple of years I may need something I’ve learned and I can go into my backpack and grab it. That’s how I see it . “

After spending a few months in Birmingham, my backpack was clean and full.

– Soccer Sports

Tahith Chong left Manchester United on a loan to get the game.So far, it has been rewarded with Birmingham Tahith Chong left Manchester United on a loan to get the game.So far, it has been rewarded with Birmingham

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