Taiwan’s horror dedication will finally be re-released worldwide this Friday

Red Candle Games has announced that its Taiwanese studio has signed a deal with GOG and has finally re-released its first-person supernatural horror. dedication Later this week, almost two years after it was first delisted from Steam.

The company was announced on Twitter, by and has been deleted game in the rebound of the Chinese players due to the texture of the content, such as offensive to Xi Jinping president of the “remain the same”, the studio, was canceled by the Chinese government I even found a business license for the publisher.

These reports were initially rejected by the studio for removing the title “Another Complete QA Check”, but in a later statement the act was “a serious, unprofessional error during game production.” Yes, it was confirmed to be a “malfunction”.Project management, not intentional action

The game itself is seen in the 1980s, following the plight of a young family for seven years, stepping into a mysterious Taiwanese apartment complex that appears to have been lost over time.It was highly evaluated at the time of its release, and many players PT

dedication It will be released on PC via GOG on December 18th.

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