Take a break from competitive PUBG Mobile SouLMortal

With PUBG Mobile’s imminent return to India, PUBG Mobile’s esports tournament will resume in earnest. As a result, professional teams and players have already begun planning for their near future. Mortal, one of India’s most beloved players, has announced future plans for esports.

In his stream, Mortal said he wouldn’t immediately return to competitive PUBG Mobile play when the game came back.

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Desperate to become a team soul mentor

Mortal is one of India’s first true PUBG Mobile superstars and boasts many fans. He was the first esports player to win the hearts of fans, winning the first two official Indian PUBG Mobile tournaments in a row alongside Team SouL.

Team SouL and Mortal lift PMIS 2019 trophy

In a recent stream, players have announced that they have resigned as IGL for Team SouL and are taking a break from competitive play.He also said he plans to become and become a mentor for his team “6th person” Of the team.

According to the player, this decision was made with the best interests of Team Soul and his family in mind.

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History of Mortal esports by Team SouL

The rise of 2019-Team SouL:

Mortal and Team SouL were the first real superstars in the PUBG Mobile esports scene in India, winning PMIS2019 and PMCO2019-Spring Split: India. The team then finished 12th in the PMCO 2019-Spring Split Global Finals, with a memorable chicken dinner in front of spectators around the world.

They closed the year with a second-place finish at PMCO 2019-Autumn Split: Top 12 finishes in South Asia and several other global tournaments.

2020-difficult year

For Team SouL, it was a very confusing year for the team to retreat due to multiple roster shuffles and frequent IGL changes. The team was unable to recreate the success they saw in 2019. Mortal was forced to take on the role of IGL, which showed signs that Team SouL would return to its previous form.

But the PUBG Mobile ban threw a wrench on these plans.

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With Mortal taking a step back, it will be interesting to see who Team SouL will pick up after the game returns. The full details of the new Team SouL roster have not yet been revealed.

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