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There was anti-climax sentiment until last Wednesday when the US men’s national team played a friendly against Costa Rica, at least before the match began. Only three days after the dramatic Conca Funations League final victory over Mexico, the USMNT couldn’t blame them for still feeling the effect of celebrating an unforgettable victory, but a friendly player on Wednesday. It didn’t take long to figure out why he still had the value.

A 4-0 victory on Wednesday, including players who didn’t have a chance to play in the Nations League, players who only played modestly, and players who played but left for reimbursement, was a stretch of the four games that USMNT passed. It started in the Swiss Alps, started in the Rocky Mountains, and ended in Utah.

Brenden Aaronson left as a top player on Wednesday’s victory, but Tyler Adams showed why he was such an important part of Gregg Berhalter’s first-choice team, Puzzle.

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RB Leipzig’s midfielder had already shown its value as a substitute for the second half of Mexico, but the way he dominated the proceedings as USMNT captain on Wednesday is what makes him unique in his defensive midfield role. It reminded me more clearly if it would bring qualities. Why there is such a monumental gap between Adams and other defensive midfield options in the pool.

In the “Players in Need” category, both Tim Ream and Mark McKenzie played much better against Costa Rica than Mexico. And, of course, the level of the opponent and the size of the match were significantly different, but in the case of Mackenzie, the match is what Genk’s defender brings to the position with his excellent pass and combination of strength and speed. Helped to show.

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Reem was also miles better against Tychos than against Mexico, and it does not intend to delay the call for him to be phased out of Barholter’s plans, but it does. It may not be Mexico, but it will help against some Concacaf enemies, providing at least some evidence in support of the idea that Ream can be done.

The comprehensive message from Wednesday’s victory reminded us of how deep the USMNT is compared to a year ago. Given that Barholter could eliminate the lineup featuring players from the Liga, League, Bundesliga and English Premier League, he didn’t actually play against Mexico, so when Concacaf became serious again in September, Barholter You can see how many options you have. World Cup qualifying.

Here are some thoughts on the USMNT Victory vs Costa Rica:

Aaronson claims a bigger role in qualifying

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Aaronson was limited to a 12-minute cameo appearance in the Nations League last week and played as an alternative to winning the semifinals against Honduras. There weren’t many opportunities to show how dangerous he was, but Aaronson made up for Costa Rica on Wednesday.

Red Bull Salzburg’s winger took a defender in a dribble, offered a good pass, pounded a loose ball for the opening goal of the match and scored three goals in just seven USMNT appearances.

Aaronson demonstrated his ability to operate both in the wings and in the center, maximizing the tactical freedom that floats in different places in one-third of the attacks.

Aaronson’s agility, confidence in the ball, ability to push, and versatility of position make him a very valuable option for Barholter. If he can keep the start, he won’t miss the current wing starters Christian Pulisic and Georeina right away. To continue his role and improvement in the new season in Red Bull Salzburg, Barholter will have to find a way to take him to the field more often.

Exclusion of Nations League does not offend Musa

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Last week’s victory over Mexico may have been satisfying for US fans, but for the most positive fans, concerns about the future of Yunus Musah and USMNT have been protracted.

Musa didn’t play in the Nations League tournament last week, but it was considered missed the opportunity to cap tie him. Given the fact that Musa submitted a one-time switch to play in the United States and then participated in four international friendly matches against USMNT, it is a conflict as to whether Musa can still represent another country. I have a report.

Whether detained or not, Musa missed two games and didn’t look like a player suddenly fascinated by the USMNT program. In fact, Musa was very visibly involved in the post-victory celebration last Sunday in Denver.

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Barholter hinted that an undisclosed factor was working that kept Musa away from the Nations League. It will explain why he wasn’t used.

After winning against Costa Rica on Wednesday, Barholter said, “Unforeseen circumstances did not make us feel that (Musa) had arrived in the best possible conditions for the Nations League.” “These are winning games, and it’s not easy to just throw a man when you have a plan for the game or when you’re trying to win.

“That said, we still believe in his talent,” Barholter said. “I think he showed his talent (on Wednesday), his groundbreaking dribbling and ball calm you know. He will be a great player. He is also a great guy. That’s why you saw his good attitude. He was really excited to see what that level was and what CONCACAF’s competitiveness was, and decided to be part of the group. I was excited. “

Musa demonstrated his qualities for Costa Rica, including his ability to keep the ball and attack dribbles. His ease of holding is impressive, and his calmness at the age of 18 is very exciting for both Barholter and USMNT fans. In fact, why are the same fans so nervous about losing Musa? It’s still possible.

As far as Barholter is concerned, he believes Musa’s relationship with the program is sound and hopes that the New York-born midfielder will be a factor in the USMNT for a long time.

“He’s a very talented individual, so I think this will continue for years to come,” Barholter said.

The embankment leaves a good impression

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The exclusion of Daryl Dike from the Nations League roster is unpopular among USMNT fans who were eager to build on the spell of outstanding loans with Barnsley in the British League Championship. It was a decisive decision, but the Orlando City striker stayed at USMNT throughout the tournament and started with the winning Costa Rica.

Dyke responded with a Man of the Match caliber performance. He helped Aaronson achieve his opening goal, giving Timothy a chance to score a golden score and a great save. Dyke then scored his first national team goal with a timely run and a structured finish.

“Daryl got a chance (Wednesday) and I think he really worked,” Berholter said. “The physical side of it was there. The movement behind the backline was there. The only thing I emphasize is the potential movement within the penalty box. It really attacks the cross. , Ride at the end of the cross.

“Daryl is a young player. He has a lot of room for growth. We come here and help him get there.”

Berholter took Josh Sargent and Jordan Pefok to the Nations League in striker positions, but Dyke’s impressive acceptance of his role throughout the month, as well as his scoring performance against Costa Rica. I had to get him some points.

In Dyke’s honor, he didn’t disappoint him with the inaction of the Nations League, and while celebrating the team’s success throughout the week in Denver, he actually seemed to foster a good friendship with Pefok. It was.

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“Of course I wanted to be on the roster, but at the same time I’m always looking positive,” Dyke said after the Costa Rica victory. “I can still train with some of the top players in the world, I can train under some of the best staff in the world.

“For me, two years ago, or something like that, tell me you can be in that position and train with these guys, whether I’m playing or not. Then I would have loved it. “

Embankment summer can be very interesting. He will return to Orlando City, but misuse of his scores in England could create a transfer. If not, Dyke should be considered a strong candidate to be part of the USMNT Gold Cup team in July.

Cannon shows that he can be a two-way threat

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Reggie Cannon was expected to be the starter just behind Barholter when the Nations League semi-finals began, but Boavista’s fullback was caught on the bench for both Honduras and Mexico wins before. FC Dallas products were not endorsed.

Cannon played on the bench in both Nations League matches, but made the most of his first start against Costa Rica in June, scoring beautiful goals and playing great matches, demonstrating established strength. As a defender who showed off some excellent attack characteristics to do.

One of the reasons Barholter played against DeAndre Yedlin against Mexico was due to his ability to act as both a fullback and a right wingback. Throughout his career, Canon has acted almost exclusively as the right fullback of the four defenses.

So was Canon out of pecking order, or should he expect him to return to his first photo in September?

The situation at Canon’s club can affect his position. Cannon has been attracting transfer attention after an impressive first season in Europe, and if he can secure a move to the top league, Cannon will be right behind Sergiño Dest, Yedlin and Bryan Reynolds. We are in a better position to fight for a continuous start at the World Cup qualifiers in September and push for a few minutes.

Antonee Robinson boosts his stock in the back left

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No American fullback helped their cause in June as much as Robinson, who defeated Honduras in the Nations League and then again won a friendly victory over Costa Rica. Fulham’s defenders have clearly earned the trust of Barholter, who has long been believed not to rate Robinson because of the perceived lack of technical quality on the ball.

Robinson looked much more confident in his recent USMNT appearances, including the Costa Rica match. There, he set an opening goal with an excellent cross to the penalty area and eventually became Aaronson’s goal.

Robinson’s position on the team is a bit restrained by Dest, and Barholter will eventually use Barcelona’s fullback, but as Robinson consolidates his position at the USMNT, Dest is naturally right behind him. May help to persuade you to stay in the position of.

Robinson is another American player who will be transferred this summer after Fulham’s demotion. Everton Academy’s products are linked to Manchester City and we must not forget the transfer he almost made to AC Milan before the heart defect found during his medical treatment stopped the transfer.

If Robinson stays in the Premier League and secures a move to earn normal play time, he could have Barholter start a left-back in September.

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Take a closer look at the USMNT victory and Costa Rica comparison Take a closer look at the USMNT victory and Costa Rica comparison

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