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Immediate take-away from New Orleans Pelican 118-116 overtime loss to Indiana Pacers

The· New Orleans Pelican The Indiana Pacers suffered a tragic defeat.This was the game I said It will be a tough test for Pelican, And I couldn’t have done any more. The game went overtime and New Orleans Pelican lost with an overwhelming 2 point defeat 118-116.

Well, I’m not going to criticize them just because this team lost. Sure, they lost the biggest game of the season, but this pelican team showed me something tonight. In this game, I realized that the team was enthusiastic and would fight their teeth and claws until the final buzzer, regardless of their score.

That said, I’m happy with Pelican’s outlook. This is the biggest point from tonight’s overtime thriller.

# 1-Aggressive rebound keeps Pelican alive

we I wrote about thisOnly a few days ago, it was certainly true tonight. The Pelican attack was struggling and would have been even harder tonight without the team’s skill on the attack board.

Pelican was able to win 16 aggressive rebounds tonight. This helped the team’s attack stay alive by giving the team additional possession. This was great as the Pelican didn’t have the best shooting nights during the game and the Pacers backcoat was on fire.

This shows that aggressive rebounds may seem outdated in the modern NBA, but Pelicans are using them to support their terrible attacks.

# 2 – Pelican defense remains sturdy

Sure, Pelican lost the game and had some defensive possessions that the team wanted to regain, but I don’t think the defense was in the game. At the expense of Pelican’s victory tonight was the simple score they allowed from an aggressive turnover.

In this game, Pelican’s defense was once again great. Sure, the 118-116 score seems high, but keep in mind that it’s overtime. In half-time, the game scored in the early 50s.

Stan Van Gundy’s defense is clearly working for the New Orleans Pelican. The team is more trained at that edge of the floor. They proved it tonight by slowing down the team that started the season pretty hot. The addition of Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams certainly helps in this case, but the leap taken by the young Pelican players cannot be underestimated.

# 3-Pelican attacks are becoming a thorny issue

Face it, Pelican isn’t attacking early in the season.If Brandon Ingram And Zion Williamson isn’t turned on, the team is almost dead in the ritual. It’s really becoming a concern.

The pelican’s aggressive struggle also consists of several issues. Due to the lack of other scorers, the ball is stale and Brandon Ingram is responsible for most of the work. Next, there are three-point shooting and rotation issues.

The Pelican shoots only 33% from the deep sea tonight and remains one of the worst shooting teams in the NBA. The snipers that this team expected are not performing well. JJ Redick shows his age, and Nicolomeri looks like he’s trying to shoot a ball of medicine into the basket.

When it comes to rotation, let’s say Josh Hart knows that when he has to make a big difference on the front court, there is a problem even if it works. Undoubtedly, this crime needs to get together quickly.

These were the three biggest takeaways I had for the New Orleans Pelican tonight, but check back tomorrow for a deeper analysis from this game. Good night, Pelican fans!

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Takeaway from OT Thriller to Pacers Takeaway from OT Thriller to Pacers

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