Taken online: Golf battles in the US, spikes in events, follow other regions

Following a brief pre-registration campaign, Shot Online: Golf Battle has been launched on mobile. Currently available for iOS and Android in the United States.

For those of you who don’t know, Shot Online is a long-running golf game by soul-based developer Webzen, where players play directly against their rivals online. Unlike traditional golf games, Shot Online has an RPG mechanism and progress system, making it perfect for the mobile MMO era.

The result is Shot Online: Golf Battle. This is a sophisticated and casual ancient game where you can play against players from all over the world in real-time parallel games. You don’t have to wait for other players to take a shot. With a complete selection of clubs to suit every terrain and lies, you should keep enthusiastic golf fans happy.

For more arcade-oriented players, there is a whole new survival mode that applies the principles of battle royale to the graceful art of golf. The survival mode game consists of eight players and a series of rounds with different rules.

One player will be eliminated at the end of every round until there is only one left. The player will, of course, be rewarded with prizes and rewards to be worthy of a champion.

Shot Online: Golf Battle gives you a variety of upgradeable skills, whether you’re playing in survival mode or enjoying one-on-one or two rounds. During gameplay, you will also earn gems, coins, balls, and cards that will allow you to upgrade your club. You don’t have to pay a penny to level up. Just stay connected to the golf course.

Lots of courses are available, all rendered in stunning 3D. The character model, club design, and skill effects all look great.

Taken online: Golf battles are now available. The official website of the game, You can keep up with the latest deals and events. By the way, Webzen is running some special in-game offers to celebrate the launch of Shot Online: Golf Battle.

Download the game now and you’ll get tea passes, balls and more at a very attractive referral price. Webzen also offers game gifts and free rewards Official Facebook page..

Head to Google Play Store or App Store If you live in the United States, download Shot Online: Golf Battle for free now. Other areas will soon continue.

Shot Online: Golf Battle Goes Live in the US with a Flurry of Events, Other Regions to Follow

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