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Stario Tsuyoshi finished Lordren San Ilme with a left hook in the first round of the Lysine 31 Contest. The heavyweight incident on this main card occurred on October 24th at Pia Arena MM in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

I talked with Takanofuji Sanzo Shipbuilding After this stressful victory. Below is an excerpt from the chat.

Takanofuji Sanzo

When Sudario started to bring MMA training to the United States

“I trained first in Hawaii and then in Las Vegas. During the two weeks back in April. I had a great time and learned a lot, but that wasn’t enough. Then I lost in the fight at Tokyo Dome in June, so I told Mr. Sakakibara (Mr. Nobuyuki) that I needed more time to train in the United States. And I took a short break. I took a break. I planned to stay in the United States for two months in this training camp, so this was all planned in advance. “


Lessons learned from his Shomashibisai ode.Experience defeat for the first time as a professional MMA fighter

“So I definitely learned a lot from that fight. In the end I lost the chalk. But even from the stand-up, I didn’t do much stand-up sparring before the fight. I didn’t have too many partners, so I wasn’t sure where to put myself in terms of stand-up, distance. I hadn’t clicked yet. My distance on stand-up. He. Was big and had a longer reach than me. I didn’t have footwork at the time because I didn’t know how to hit. So it appeared completely in the fight. It’s one of my biggest concerns going to the fight. was.”

“I didn’t sparr enough with the bigger enemy. So after that fight I went to America and I did a lot of sparring. In my last fight, a lot of people I told me that my footwork is much better, and that’s one of the things I’ve learned over the years. When you fight bigger enemies, you won’t be hit. That means you have to stay outside. You have to use footwork to get in and out. And that’s one of the things I’ve been working on very hard in America. I’m Ray Sefo the other. You’ll hear what you’re teaching the fighter. I stole what Ray said and tried it myself during sparring and it worked. “

Lysine Fighting Federation

Takanofuji Sanzo continues as follows. And I was able to concentrate on that aspect during the training camp in the United States. So I’m pretty happy about it. Also, I lost with chalk, which was a complete lack of practice of the situation in the field. So in San Diego, all I did was a lot of martial arts and jiu-jitsu. Morning practice and evening practice. So all I did was wrestle in San Diego. I am confident that you will be comfortable to some extent in any situation. So these are the two main things I learned from the loss. What I have been working on in America. “

Ray Sefo, Francis Ngannou, at Xtreme Couture Tim Johnson..In addition, the space is the best heavyweight gym on the planet

“When it comes to (Francis) Ngannou, he was an extraordinary specimen, to say the least. His strength, his strength was great. But more than that, I was amazed by his patience. How can he maintain his strength and strength? I will go over and over again without getting bored. That was the biggest surprise to me. “


“When we do MMA sparring, he obviously hits very hard. But he was also very technical in the field. If he took you to the ground, he would do me I was surprised at how good it was to keep them from standing up. Just putting yourself in such a situation and knowing that you are doing the best job will definitely give you confidence. Then, a few weeks later, when I started getting used to it. I started getting used to the pressure, getting used to it, and trying to find a way to do something to get out of the bad situation. Over time, I definitely got used to them, I could feel the process. As for Tim Johnson, I was amazed at his fighting and wrestling techniques. “

Lysine 31

Takanofuji Sanzo continues as follows. Apparently he was hitting me at first. But over time, and as I got used to it, I was able to hold myself against Tim Johnson as well. I think I went to the Drysdale Gym through the connection at the Couture Gym. I was able to do a lot of spar with Bruno Cappelozza. Who won the PFL tournament? That said, the environment is very good for me. In the case of heavy weights, there are many people who work and learn together. Wonderful. “

If Lysine has the most comprehensive and multifaceted ruleset on the planet for mixed martial arts

“The less restrictions you have, the more likely you are to get injured. But the opposite is true. And many of the US fighters I meet and talk to in the United States are all Rizin. And believe that it’s something about that brand, Japan, and the ruleset that has attracted many competitors to this day. Under those rulesets in Japan. There are still a lot of fighters that want to fight. For me, the less restrictions are, the easier it is. So you don’t have to think about the rules in battle. So that’s good. It works better for me. . “

Lysine FF

If there is a focus on that New Year’s Eve card

“I’m already exercising. I’m going to fight on the New Year’s Eve card. So he’s already exercising. Suppose he’s on the New Year’s Eve card.”

Takanofuji Sanzo’s farewell feelings

“That’s why I’m just getting started. My plan is to keep evolving and getting better and better. And I really want to show you my progress throughout my career. Look at me from the beginning. I hope you enjoy my progress for those who are. I promise to show you something new. What you want to see during my fight to you I will show you. Thank you very much for your support. And please continue. Thank you. “

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Takeshi Sudario wins at Lysine 31 and concentrates on 2021 New Year’s Eve match Takeshi Sudario wins at Lysine 31 and concentrates on 2021 New Year’s Eve match

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